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Tuesday, 8 February 2011



WELCOME to Faith Hope & Cherrytea today ~
 i'm joining a conversation over tea at
Donna's Comin' Home

i've recently been disquieted by a statement
on a popular blog party
revealing an attitude that quite unsettled me.
and it ties in with Donna's discussion today of
choosing to be givers or takers...

the disturbing statement ?
the author was restricting her giveaway to those who had
previously joined as 'followers'
because she didn't want to give away her prize
to someone she 'didn't even know'...

now, truthfully, how many of us can actually 'know'
40 let alone 400 of
whomever has chosen to 'follow' our blogs,
just because they've chosen to 'follow'?
how about those who regularly read our blogs without choosing to 'follow'?
non blogging friends who diligently read without ability to 'follow'
are just another possibility and reality.
in response to that blogger's attitude,
whatever term might be chosen to describe it,
i am compelled to respond...

along with
William Penn Adair “Will” Rogers, i say,
{and live}
"Strangers are just Friends i haven't met yet"!!

 in light of the example of the amazing generosity of my
Valentine TeaCup Trading 'friends' -
yes, definitely friends,
though everyone was unknown to each other,
new to me and to each other,
just one month ago!
bearing testimony to an attitude of generosity
and open hearted hospitality,
i re-submit this earlier FHC post ~

the kettle's whistling,
teapot warming..
tea flavour is of your choice from a bountiful pantry.
Earl's Garden? Lady Grey? 3 Wishes?

what are you craving?
pie, strudel, or cheesecake?
some of each?

is that a scenario you can appreciate?

isn't that the picture of our Heavenly Father's table?
generosity of hospitality to all.
connected and disconnected,
young or old, wealthy or poor, familied or orphaned, friend or stranger.
Father of all.

welcoming all.

let's join Him at His table spread with abundance
and invite another to the feast...

'above all things have intense and unfailing love for one another
... practise hospitality to one another...
be hospitable,
that is,
*be a lover of strangers,*
with brotherly affection for the unknown guests,
the foreigners, the poor and all others who come your way ...
and in each instance
do it ungrudgingly -
cordially and graciously
without complaining
but as representing Him.'
1 Peter 4.8-9 amplified

let it be so for ALL who claim
to be His representatives~

thanks for your presence at Faith Hope and Cherrytea
today and EACH day!

you are a welcome and valued FRIEND!
whether you 'lurk' or 'follow' ")

just wanted you to know...


debi said...

Amen. I agree with you. I consider anyone who takes the time to read my blog, a friend, whether they are 'following' or not.

Antiques And Teacups said...

I am glad you reposted. Lovely...friendship is an opening of the heart, a welcoming of another personality and a joy of communication shared.
It's, how about a cuppa? can I pray for you....
Thank you friend for sharing.

Rae said...

I liked your blog friend!!
Thanks for tea time.

Terri said...

I would love to sit a bit over a cup of Earl Grey with a splash of non-fat milk and some pieces of dark chocolate.....these days some of my closest friends are people I have never met in real life!

Donna said...

This was such an inspiring post. You are right...we are all friends. Every now and then I get a thank you note from some invisible reader. How that blesses me!

Thanks so much for sharing in 'our' tea party. :o)And thanks again for hosting the swap. You are a Giver in my book.

Joy said...

Maybe I will be a new friend? Love this post and your pictures are beautiful!! We had a stranger come to our door tonight. Truthfully if it had been just the kids and I well...I wouldn't have opened it. We did and the man had a story..that he had just came over from Mexico and someone dropped him off and he had no food. NEVER have we had that happen! Whether his story was true or not isn't the point...he wanted food. So we went inside and tried to put some together out of the pantry. All he ended up wanting was a bag of chips...the whole time I was thinking though...what would Jesus want us to do? We tried lol. :)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

I don't mind when extra chances are given for following, tweeting, or posting on your blog ... but I wouldn't restrict a chance to win a give away just to followers. Some follow and you never see or hear from them again while some of my frequent commenters are not followers !


Becky said...

I too do not understand restricting giveaways only to followers. I am happy for anyone who reads my blog and welcome all. Thank you for sharing this inspiring post.


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