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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Faith is an Open Door ~

Every Wednesday, at A Holy Experience, we Walk with Him, 
posting a spiritual practice that draws us nearer to God's heart.
For the next two weeks…  might we exploreThe Practice of Faith… 
What does it look like to believe? How do you practice your faith day to day?

How do you share that faith, deepen faith in Christ, 
live that faith out in the midst of fears?

for me, a faith-filled life is living life with an open door.
open to God, open to others, open to opportunities.
however they may come...
interruptions, God appointments, surprise connxns.
today, wherever we may have closed out life,
closed out faith,
closed out God,
 may we begin to open that door once again...
*be generous with your lives  opening up to others, 
you'll prompt people to open up with God  
generous Father in heaven.* Mt 5.15 The Message

now it's your turn ~

The whole community looks forward to your prayerful reflections, stories, ideas….
Today, if you’d like to share with community The Practice of Faith … slip in the URL to your exact post on the linky…..

If you join us, please help us find each other by sharing

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