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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Ready for Epiphany? Jan 6th 2013

Celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas
ends Sunday the 6th of January.
It is a wonderful journey from Advent through Christmas.
So Much more than a single day's event!

I hope you have enjoyed both Worship and Celebration
wholeness and completion

There are great sites offering more information
on this special time of Epiphany ~
The Church of England 
The Voice , Travel France are others
Other celebrations include eating the Kings' Cake
recipe here, and Chalking the Door

Isaiah 60.1-6
Psalm 72.1-7, 10-14
Ephesians 3. 1-12
Matthew 2.1-12

I have chosen to share the beauty and inspiration of 
worship artisan, Naomi Pridjian of Drawing Sacred Circles ~

May you both look for and be Blessed
with Christ's appearance and manifestation
in your own life during this Season of Epiphany
and throughout this New Year ~

 A Blessing of the Home
(From The United Methodist General Board of Discipleship Worship Website)

Lead: The Lord is with you;
Community: And also with you.
All: Peace be to this house and to all who live, work, and visit here.
L: The three wise men came to Bethlehem in search of the Lord. They brought to him precious gifts: gold to honor the newborn king, incense to the true God in human form, and myrrh to anoint his body, which one day would die like our own.
L: Let us pray. O God, you once used a star to show to all the world that Jesus is your Son. May the light of that star that once guided wise men to honor his birth, now guide us to recognize him also, to know you by faith, and to see you in the epiphanies of the daily experiences of our lives.
L: Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord — Jesus born of Mary — shall be revealed.
C: And all flesh shall see it together, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.
All: As the Wise Men once sought your brilliant light, O Lord, so may we seek to live and work in your splendour.
L: O God of Light, bless this (our) house and this (our) family. May this be a place of peace and health. May each member of this family cultivate the gifts and graces you have bestowed, dedicating our talents and works for the good of all.
L: Make this house a shelter in the storm and a haven of rest for all in need of your warmth and care. And when we go out from this place, may we never lose sight of that Epiphany star.
C: As we go about our work, our study, our play, keep us in its light and in your love.
A Blessing of the Chalk for Marking the Door
L: Lord Jesus, through your Incarnation and birth in true human form, you have made all the earth holy. We now ask your blessing upon this simple gift of your creation — chalk. We use it as a tool to teach our children, and they use it as a tool in their play and games. Now, with your blessing, may it become a tool for us to mark the doors of our home with the symbols of your wise servants who, so long ago, came to worship and adore you in your first home.
People in turn mark the doorway with one or more of the symbols:
20 C M B 13
L: May we, in this house, and all who come to visit, to work, and to play, remember these things throughout the coming year. May all who come and go here find peace, comfort, joy, hope, love, and salvation, for Christ has come to dwell in this house and in these hearts.
All: May we be Christ's light in the world. Amen.

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