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Saturday, 23 February 2013

February's Gratitude {1000 Gifts} List

 Counting February's Gratitudes
3 per day = 1000 Gifts per year !
February Gratitudes ~
1. 3 gifts red:  Canada maple leaf mitts, valentines, my hot little car 
2. 3 gifts on paper:  God's morning message in scripture, story in book, mail
3. 3 gifts found in writing:
creativity, connection, fresh thinking
4. 3 gifts found when bent down:
cd cover, electrical plug, loose change 
5. a gift stitched, hammered, woven: quilt, vintage cupboard, scarf 
6. 3 gifts found outside:
milder weather, parking for dr appt, snow cleared on sidewalk  
7. a gift at 11.30a, 2.30p, 6.30 pm:
teatime, freedom to watch a dvd, wanted coupons in the mail
8. a gift broken, fixed, thrifted:
teacup handle, blog links, gift bags
9. 3 Surprise Gifts! - Unexpected Grace:
FB reconnxn w/ friend frm Scotland!, message frm cousin on Pinterest,
project catch up time 
10. 3 xs I heard laughter today:
neighbour, self, store clerk 
11. 3 gifts in working:
satisfaction, joy in ability, pride of accomplishment
12. 3 hard eucharisteos:
long distances for family connecting, health, winter's depth and length
13. 3 gifts behind a door:
Eternal Life in Christ, The Door, 

sanctuary behind the door to my home,

Ash Wednesday services behind the church door 
14. 3 ways I feel the Love of God:
Presence, Peace, Embrace 
15. a gift in losing, finding, and making something:
losing distractions gifts me with time,

joy re-gained in finding time to create,

inner satisfaction in making velvet bookmarks
16. 3 gifts in shadows:
the refuge, shelter and protection of 'Elyon in Psalm 91 
17. 3 gifts found giving/serving:
hospitality, generosity, Christlikeness 
18. 3 gifts on paper:
Automobile Association membership gifted by brother & sister-in-law, 

a book win from a blog giveaway ,

Words of Life on pages of my Bible 
19. 3 gifts that were 'plan b's':
alternative mission training in Scotland, city living, UK trip extension
20. a gift at breakfast, lunch, dinner:
Breakfast tea, worship music refuel @ lunch, son's visit
21. 3 gifts white:
fresh fallen snow, pillow case, jewellry ribbon 
22. 3 gifts that changed today:
neighbour willing to try starting my car, mild weather, 

charity store manager's kindness 
23. a gift of tin, glass, wood:
tin wall hanging, pine hutch doors with muntined glass fronts
24. 3 gifts before 11 am:
great sleep, time with God, revelation 
25. a gift worn out, new, made-do:
car tire, new tire, kitchen table  
26. 3 gifts seen as reflections:
the moon as it reflects the sun, God's glory reflected in us, 

fiery sunset reflected on downtown high rises
27. 3 ugly-beautiful gifts:
muddy car = snow melting/spring ahead
Yeshua's scars = covenant of completion,
dirty dishes = food available to be eaten
28. 3 gifts from the past that help me trust the future:
God's Faithfulness, God's Word given, 
God's always present never ending Love

And that's it for February!
 Counting our Gratitude for March up next...

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