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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Promise of Provence - Book Tour Stop 9.7.13

One of Today's Tour Stops for The Promise of Provence
by Canadian author, Patricia Sands

we have the vicarious pleasure of enjoying the gifts of Provence
provided through Patricia Sands' storytelling...

"Surprise, shock, and a shift in her comfortable life tumble into Katherine Price’s world when least expected. The future she has imagined suddenly vanishes, leaving little to focus 
upon beyond her career and the caregiving her elderly 
widowed mother might require.
June in Provence is full of promise when Katherine arrives from Canada, eager to feel renewed by her surroundings. Endless rows of lavender prepare to burst into pink and purple blooms. Fields of sunflowers flow in golden waves among vineyards and olive groves. Ancient hilltop villages beckon. It’s the postcard setting she envisioned, but is that all she needs?
After a year of heartbreak, Katherine has impulsively agreed to a home exchange in the south of France. Colorful locals, a yellow lab named Picasso, and the inspiring beauty of the countryside breathe new life into her days.
Seeking to shed the pain of betrayal and loss, she struggles to recapture her joie de vivre and searches for the answer to a haunting question: is it too late to begin again?
As Katherine explores the romantic cobblestone lanes of medieval towns, discovers the intoxicating pleasures of Paris and savours the sun-kissed Côte d'Azur, she begins redefining the possibilities in her life. 
An enduring story of hope and change in life’s later years is woven through the author’s love-letter to France. Like a well-travelled friend, Patricia Sands invites readers into a world she loves and entices them to linger."  ~ Goodreads
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My thoughts?
Patricia writes knowledgeably about Toronto, Canada, and surrounding area of St Jacobs, home territory of our MC, as well as her travels to Provence, France. Descriptions have piqued my interest in both travel in France and the home exchange program that brought the book's protagonist to discover its joys.
Informative descriptives of France's foods, locales, markets, and practices, all serve up a warm and inviting picture of 
the land and its people.
Secondary characters and subplots in abundance for this 450 page contemporary women's first in a series of fiction novels. It provides a requisite lengthy summer read. 
Dealing with a continuum of several weighty topics - divorce, job loss, aging, familial relationships, romantic relationships [both flings and established].  
A fascinating personal WWII story adds intrigue and adventure as it solves some previous unknowns, relative to Katherine's heritage. 
We follow Katherine in her life journey from the moment of discovering her husband's disclosure of infidelity through its aftermath in Katherine's life. Reactions and actions of characters keep the story realistic.  Katherine's introduction to overseas home exchange brings a note of excitement to lighten the weighty discussions dealt with to this point of the story.

The book is contemporary in thought and action, with language to match, which I must address to honestly inform anyone considering the book. Hopefully this informs readers personal choices regarding   The Promise of Provence.

I appreciate Ms Sands tackling the issue of life after fifty. 
While I wouldn't agree with all the recommendations Katherine receives from her friends, the book does encourage women to grab hold of their life, choosing to make decisions rather than
obliviously allowing life to drift past them.  
A very good thing indeed.

About today's author?

Family, writing and travel are my passions ... okay, and chocolate ... and I'm seldom without a camera. Toronto, Canada is home for me most of the time, Florida some of the time, and the south of France whenever possible. There are benefits to getting older!
Beginning with my first Kodak Brownie camera at the age of six, it seems I have told stories all of my life through photography. With our happily blended family of seven adult children and, at last count, six grandchildren, life is full and time is short.
Becoming an author in my ... gasp ... 60's ... (I'm too young to be this old!) was not on my agenda. But here I certainly am and writing is what I will continue to do. My debut novel, The Bridge Club, was published through iUniverse in August 2010 and my second novel, The Promise Of Provence, was released in April, 2013. Readers are asking when the next book will be out so I'm back at the drawing board!
My stories celebrate the rewarding friendships and bonds women share and examine the challenges life often throws in our paths.
One of the great pleasures of being published is being asked to speak with women's groups on the subjects of writing and self-publishing as well as the importance of valuing our personal stories. At other events (as one half of Sommers & Sands) along with my speaking partner, author Susan Sommers, through keynotes, workshops and conferences, audiences are encouraged to embrace change and see challenges as opportunities.
I live by the philosophy that it's never too late to begin something new, to seize each day and be a possibilitarian! As the saying goes, just do it!

Thank you, Patricia, for being our guest today and sharing your thoughts and yourself 
with us through your writing.  It's been a pleasure to get to know the woman behind the story.

Pop in to visit Patricia at:

Publication Date: May 30, 2013
457 pages,  ISBN 9780991931316    Published through CreateSpace
Available on Amazon worldwide     USA   Canada   UK    FR and may be ordered at any bookstore.

I received an ecopy with appreciation to Patricia and France 

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Patricia will be co-leading an 11-day tour of 14 women
to Nice and the countryside of Provence in June 2014.
Come join in the magic!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

Nice post.

Silver's Reviews

Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

This sounds like the perfect escape novel. I love books set in Europe. I hope the language you mentioned isn't too prolific throughout the book.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

How am I ever going to get around to reading all the books I've accumulated at home if I keep discovering new and wonderful stories like these on your blog?! Sigh.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your nice review! I liked everything you highlighted. As for Laura's question, I would say it's not more than you may encounter in your everyday life with people at work.

Patricia said...

Thanks for your insightful review and for joining us in the blog tour. I must admit I had second thoughts about Molly's language from time to time and it will all be explained in the next novel!

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