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Saturday, 26 April 2014


Here's Andi from Dewey's 24 Hr Readathon with some tips on updating the day's reading progress from Jenn of Jenn's Bookshelves
I'll be updating mine as follows ~
Currently reading:   
The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim

Reflections for Ragamuffins by Brennan Manning

As I Lay Pondering by Kayce Stevens Hughlett


Books finished: 0 [but only 68 pgs left to go!!]
At LAST! finished my main read, The Outcast @ 375 pgs

Pages read: 2 + 100 +6 +74 +86
Running total of pages read: 102  182   268   375 + 8= 383
Amount of time spent reading: 3  6  9 hrs at 11 pm
14 1/2 total
Running total of time spent reading
too many interruptions, but enjoying every reading opp available...
11 pm it's been a comfortable stretch of reading uninterrupted other than keeping myself sane with cups of tea and snacks

**finished my chosen reading at 2.45 a.m. cst

Plus, I've done a few mini challenges including the Shelfie photo!


Creating our Name in Book Titles
Mine being :

Headmistress of Rosemere
A Beauty so Rare
Remembered Death

N or M?
Another fun mini challenge had us grabbing a book,
finding page 35, 3rd sentence and writing it down as a
story starter.  I chose A Lady's Honor by Laurie A Eakes.

"Shone…and remained open and clear.
How could this be? One moment dazzling snow crystals falling from the darkened sky, now the moonlight shining without a snowflake in sight. Where am I? What displacement have I traversed in this moment of time?"

Creating a story of a different genre than that of the original source was worth bonus, so I took mine from historical mystery/suspense to time travel.  Great to keep the brain working this late at night!


Loving all the creative mini challenges !
This one had us find a photo representation of a bookish world.
My selection?

For what I imagine might be that of "The Vintage Teacup Club".

Now here's one requesting we post our fav reading prop.

As you've no doubt guessed, this is mine ...

nothing like a cuppa and cookie when I'm reading!

and an #uncomfyreadathon reading spot.  Here's mine -

THE. MOST. uncomfy, hardbacked {and bottomed}
straight-back chairs ever!


Personally, Jenn says, I post all my updates on Tumblr and then link those updates to one overall reading post.  To me, Tumblr is far faster/easier to update than a blog post.
Now where do I get the figures I use in my update? Well, my spreadsheets of course! I don’t manually calculate how many pages read or how much time I spend reading when a spreadsheet can do it for me!
Following is the link to Jenn's readathon update spreadsheet. For your use, please “download as” and save a copy to your computer.  It is in this spreadsheet that I input and keep track of all my readathon reading statistics.

So, whether you keep track of your progress manually or by spreadsheet, enjoy the satisfaction of tracking your reading successes for Dewey's 24 Hrs of Reading !

 A big THANK YOU to Jenn of Jenn’s Bookshelves for this awesome

 HUGE THANK YOU for all the admins of Dewey's Readathon!
Congrats on a well organized, FUN time, tweeting, greeting
and being challenged!
Well Done Everyone - Looking forward to October !!

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Megan said...

It's always tougher than it seems to avoid those interruptions on Readathon day, but it looks like you've got plenty of reading in anyway. Keep up the great reading! =D #TeamRogue

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Many thanks, Megan!
great to have you cheering us on =)

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