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Wednesday, 1 August 2018



I am a happy participant.  Whether reading Jane Austen novels
or checking out the variations, this month’s for Jane.
August 1st introduces the month long celebration of
#AusteninAugust hosted by Misty at The Book Rat blog .
Be sure to check out all the AIA action planned
along with guests.
My part?
August 1st begins the daily Jane Austen prompts
I’ve created to inspire participants who enjoy
or who might enjoy the creativity of book photography.
You may be joining us as an instagrammer,
or may already be a #janeausten #bookstagrammer .
Each of you are most welcome to participate at your level of interest.
Cheerleaders are definitely valued!  Clicking those likes and commenting
encourages every #AusteninAugust reader and bookstagrammer.
Find us using
#AustenInAugust on Instagram
[+ twitter – pinterest – fb – etc]
@_eHope twitter – @faith.hope.cherrytea instagram – FaithHopeCherrytea pinterest - my board of Jane Austen HERE
@TheBookRat twitter –  @bookishmisty instagram – Misty TheBookRat pinterest
The #Bookstagram Reading Challenge follows as listed.
Post a photo for the day’s prompt, then hashtag it
#AustenInAugust  add #JaneAusten if you’d like
so everyone can find and follow the new photos of Jane Austen related prompts.
Choose the prompts that inspire you.  Take your photos anytime,
then post your #bookstagram corresponding to
the day of the prompts you’ve chosen.
[Or use a scheduling service such as to post for you]
Book photography can be a creative focus that increases enjoyment of
our books on an additional level.  This month, it’s our Jane Austen collections.
This also works for those who prefer to post photos to twitter, pinterest or fb.
Be sure to identify them with the same #hashtags as above.
Share your love and spread the word for Jane this #AustenInAugust.
    Are you ready?   
Let’s Party! 
1 – Ready Set Go – 1stJane Austen book you’re reading
2 – Resources – TBR stack for #AustenInAugust
3- Travelin’ Band – fav JA roadtrippin’ reads
4- Silver Screen – 
any 5* JA movie recs? 
5- 2nd Time Around –
 2nd hand JA book find
6- Faith & Family – 
your fav JA quote
7- #BookmarkMonday – 
show your JA bookmarks
8- Tops – 
your top pick[s] of JA books
9- Party Time! –
 Anne Elliot’s Birthday!
10- JA Geometry – 
worst JA love triangle[s] 
11- Shopaholic – 
Best ever bookstore JA find
12- What’s New?-
 new JA  library find
13- Let’s Get Poetical – 
JA book spine poetry
14- On Deck –
 JA you’re reading right now
15- Day Out – 
show us your JA outdoors
16- Wordless Wednesday – JA book illustrations
17- Get Serious – nonfiction Jane
18- Showtime – 
show off your JA bookshelves
19- Most Wanted – 
your ‘must have’ JA novel
For Openers – fav JA chapter opening line[s]
21- Surround Sound –
 JA audiobook lovers 
22- Comfort Zone – 
your fav JA reading spot 
23- Waiting on Wednesday – 
JA you’re anticipating
24- Unfinished Business –
 JA/variations you dnf 
25- Up to Now – #AustenInAugust 
read so far…
26- Villainous – 
least liked JA character[s]
27- Favouritism – 
most liked JA character[s]
28- Memorabilia – 
JA items / memorabilia
29- News – 
what’s new in the world of Jane Austen ?
30- Last Word – 
have your say #AustenInAugust
31- That’s a Wrap – 
your #AustenInAugust completions
Looking forward to discovering your Jane Austen
[and variation reading] during this entire month of August.~
HapPy Reading, Photographing, Quoting and #Bookstagramming !
~ *~

Adding our #AustenInAugust Challenge to the book discussions at
~ * ~


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm very excited about my first Austen in August!

Sophia Rose said...

I'll probably be hit or miss since I'm visiting family and going camping next week, but I'll try to participate when I can. Great idea for an AIA activity! :)

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

@Deb Nance - so pleased to have you joining the Austen in August celebration!
Your book choices and creativity will be a wonderful addition ;) Welcome !

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

@Sophia Rose - you're welcome to participate as and when you're able - no pressure! EnJoy the activities and AinA events that work for you.

And, of course, your camping and visiting ;) We'll still be here when your week is over - jump back in when you're available - we'll love to see and hear your contributions. You're a benefit to all with your JA and variations knowledge ...

Thanks for stopping in ;)

Edith DUTERTRE said...

j'adore tous les chef- d'oeuvres de JANE
il faut faire comment pour participer ?
faire un billet sur Jane ?
j'ai changé d'adresse mail
mais toujours le même blog

edith dutertre
bisous et bonne journée

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