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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

thanks! **UPDATE**

HUGE THX!! once again to that amazing Paula whose fixed my
off kilter header - looking swank now thank you, Paula !
that would be the one and same Paula who created my beautiful
blog widget!  she's one amazing monk ! 
go ahead and grab a cuppa ~ share her creativity on your site too ..
THX for your patience!  while we worked through the glitches ;)

so sorry this isn't completed & i'm stumped with the header off centre !
your patience is appreciated while i go about a bit of what i'd hoped
would be some blog beautification - to better represent a fall presence ~
sorry for the jumps from one background to another as you may be in
the midst of meandering !
[hoping the outcome will be for the better] ...  well ...
it seems the header has done the right hand slide again !  does anyone
have any help to offer in getting it moved to centre?  HUGE thx if you
don't mind taking your time to help me finish this project !! :)

please do comment -
i'm happy to learn what you like about this online spot of
rest & refreshment ...
or what you'd like improved ! beside the crooked header :) !!

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