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Saturday, 11 September 2010

good and gracious gifts ...

remember how Mary 'treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart'?  there's been a fair amount of that going on in me lately.  awe and wonder i've been hugging to myself. 

july 9th i posted a dream and...
it seems this dream is about to become true! 

i begin this new week curating the celebration of worship for the residents of the block of flats where i reside, plus two neighbouring blocks. the three blocks regularly plan activities so the familiarity with one another is long standing. we live as community.  my two years of relational involvement has encouraged management to provide onsite spiritual worship for the residents.  what they've long hoped for as a benefit to the tenants is about to become reality.
having offered this opportunity prior to my leaving on mission, it seems they weren't disappointed at my return and subsequent availability!  having been willing to wait, they have secured their desire and mine simultaneously.  as 'one of the family', i am honoured.  and reminded by Isaiah, 'no one has ever heard, no ear perceived, no eye seen, any God but You. You work for those who wait for You. You favoured those who were glad to do justice, those who remembered You in Your ways' 64.4

i am also delighted at the freedom extended to me for the creation and implementation of meaningful, participatory worship.  developing responsive worship that introduces and deepens the spiritual aspect of life is deeply heart gratifying. the door has been fully opened for pursuit of whatever creative worship Holy Spirit initiates.  more awe and wonder of God!  technology is available for unique worship directions as is the availability of space for sacred use.  a full commercial kitchen is adjacent to the community gathering space, allowing incorporation of coffee, chat and breaking bread with each other. 

the response has been enthusiastic with a high level of anticipation. as is my own!  God has been preparing many hearts.  my spirit is singing a responsive song to the Lord in the midst of choosing, planning and preparing ideas.

*desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul ... a tree of life * proverbs 13.12,19

i've been so excited to share the joy!  God's good and gracious gifts of new year and new beginnings!  God is 'doing a new thing' and we 'perceive it' with joy and gratitude!

needed and appreciated, i thank you for your every prayer.  for our inspiriting and Holy Spirit's infusing ...

God's multiplied blessings all around !


Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

reference to Mary recorded by Luke in 2.19
reference to God's 'new thing' in Isaiah 43.19

Mompriest said...

How delightful! May it all be blessed.

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