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Monday, 13 December 2010

Aunt Spicy: {final link up day} 100 Quilts For Christmas

linking up with Aunt Spicy for the 100 quilts for Christmas giveaway ending december 15th.

if you'd like the short version of the project -

1. make a blanket
2. take a picture
3. donate the blanket to a particular person in need or an organization for people in need
4. post a picture of the quilt at the designated blogs on the designated day

today's the final link up day.
time for me to get this post written,
picture added and link up connected to Aunt Spicy
if i want to be in it!
here's what my contribution looks like -

some jazzy catz
to cheer up a child
who needs some security
in the midst of
family insecurity
prayers that cover
more than what the blanket covers!


my cup of tea said...

Very Cute!I love animal quilts! I think somehow they just seem cozier!

Terri said...

maybe one day I'll learn to quilt...glad the prayer was useful for you.

Sarah Craig said...

Sweet quilt! And the prayers make it even more beautiful!!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

What a beautful quilt and beautiful words too. I hope the quilt is bringing the child a little bit of comfort in tough times.

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