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Friday, 2 November 2012

Remembering ALL the Saints.. Nov 1/12

Today's Challenge from Rev. Pat at RevGals blog ~

"Thursday marked the feast of All Saints, 
observed by many throughout the Christian world. 
And many of us will observe this feast in our churches come Sunday. 
As a Catholic schoolgirl, 
I certainly had one very specific idea of what constituted a 'saint.' 
As a woman in her prime (ahem!) 
who also happens to be a Presbyterian minister... I have other thoughts!"
How about you?
Let's talk today about saints, 
how we have understood them throughout our lives. 

As John Wesley wrote in 1756,
*How superstitious are they who scruple giving God solemn thanks
for the lives and death of his saints!*  

Who inspires us? Who challenges us? 
Whose lives have stirred us to greater discipleship? 
Who just has the best story we've ever heard? 

Try to answer these questions in each of the following categories:
1. Saints of the Bible...
For me would include Deborah, Esther and Abigail, 

women willing to speak prophetically and act courageously
for the well being and greater good of others.

2. Saints from Church History/ World History?
St. Radegund, patron saint of weavers and potters,
and pictured above in this stained glass window,

I won't repeat all I've written earlier  {HERE} but briefly,
St. Radegund was born in AD 518, 
and when she was twelve years old was kidnapped 
from her native Germany by Frankish raiders. 
Shortly thereafter, she was married to King Clothaire, 
who mistreated her severely. 
She endured his beatings and mockings of her ethics stoically, 
but when the king had her brother murdered, 
she left the court in a great display of bravery.
Radegund then went to Poitiers, 
where she founded a monastery 
that welcomed both men and women in 557. 
When she heard that a war was raging nearby,
 she wrote to both sides of the struggle, urging a peaceful resolution 
to the violence. 
Radegund's most famous achievement 
was securing a piece of Christ's cross for 
the newly built church at the monastery.

3. Saints from Our Own Lives.
Challenged yesterday by friend Julie Anna's blog post,

my list includes
doctors, therapists, nurses, +..
all working to restore my health ..

elderly seniors willing to think new thoughts 
+ learn new info as I instruct for their health and increased wellbeing..
children who call or email or fb ..

My youngest son inspires me with his entire persona ~
Riding the transit one wintry cold day, he noticed
a fellow passenger was without socks, so he took out a pair
kept in his backpack for gym class
and gave them to the man.  That stirs me...

a cheerful mom with alzheimers who spreads sunshine to workers
and visitors alike..

4. Saints from Pop Culture
    Maya Angelou challenges me..
Ann Voskamp with her challenge to live Eucharisteo.
Moya Brennan's celtic musical proclamations
Ashley Cleveland and the way she belts out her faith !

5. Saints 
Absolutely No One Else in the World Would Ever Call Saints...
Ministers serving the marginalized and elderly,

who will never be 'known', acknowledged 
or acclaimed on the world stage.
These saints challenge & inspire me.

Interesting play today, Pat~ Thank you.
It's called for some thoughtful reflecting!

Let us know in the comments whether or not you've played...


julie+ said...

love this! sounds like your son had an awesome mama!

Terra said...

I love all your saints you mention here, known and little known, and admire your son for giving the man socks. That will lift the man's spirits for days to come.

river song said...

I love the video--and your entire play, for that matter. The quote from John Wesley?! who knew!

Rev. Pat Raube said...

Just lovely! The quote from Wesley is perfect, and I love your Julie-inspired litany. And the video! Thanks for playing!

Wendy said...

Great list. Thanks.

Bernice Hopper said...

All those who believe are Saints. Paul writes in his letters to the believers and he addresses them as saints.

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