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Friday, 1 February 2013

January's Gratitude {1000 Gifts} List

Counting Gifts of my Gratitude
for 2013 ~
3 per day = 1000 per year!
January Gratitudes ~
1. 3 gifts heard: New Yr greetings, words of appreciation, birdsong 
2. a gift inside, outside, on a plate: cookies/tea, son arriving, healthy meal 
3. 3 graces I overheard: God's whisper, compliments, counsel  
4. a gift old, new, blue: books, fab quilted comforter, son's eyes
5. something I'm reading, making, seeing: blog posts, Scotland reading challenge, new perspectives
6. 1 thing in my bag, fridge, heart: books, chicken, gratitude
7. 3 graces from people i love: patience, time, prayers
8. dusky light, surprising reflection, lovely shadow:at sunset, Christmas lites on curtains, from candles 
9. a gift held, passed by, sat with:
10. a gift sour, sweet, just right: sour cream, flavoured cream, whipped cream
11. 3 yellow gifts of fresh mercy: sun, light, peppers
12. something above, below, beside: clouds, roads, friends
13. 3 things about myself I am grateful for: heart for God, love of reading, humour

14. 3 startling graces of God: 
being carried by God, unexpected Provision, Protection 
15. a gift worn, given away, shared: coat, counsel, laughter
16. 3 witnessed blessings: 3 children in law 
17. a gift bringing laughter, prayer, quiet: comedy dvd, children, God's Word 
18. 3 gifts from God's Word: Life, Light, Insight
19. 3 gifts that might never have been: son, daughter, son
20. 3 gifts only seen up close: colours of eyes, intricacy of flowers, delicacy of lace 
21. a gift in sky, water, memory: snow, reflections, UK trip
22. a gift wrinkled, smoothed, unfolded: babies, sheets, towels
23. 3 gifts found in Christ: Love, acceptance, mercy
24. 3 things blue: ink, bookcover, felt pen
25. a grace borrowed, found, inherited:a borrowed book, favour, hospitality 
26. a gift before dawn, at noon, after dark: colours of sunrise, lunch, peace 
27. 3 gifts in the kitchen: beautiful teacups, new pine hutch frm charity shop, teacup stand
28. 3 graces found in friends: generosity, interest, support
29. a song heard, a soft word, Light seen:'Your Love is a Song', from God, in Scripture 
30. 3 old things seen new:psalms, antique china plates from charity shop, rest
31. a gift on a paper, in a person, in a picture:the message on a card, faithfulness, P&P movie 

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