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Friday, 15 March 2013

RevGalBlogPals: Friday Five 'Technology'

Rev Gal Jan says: I am pre-posting this ten days ahead of schedule, because my husband and I are going to be in Washington State during his spring break (from teaching at a local community college). His parents have very recently moved into a senior living facility. We will be staying at their home, which will not have some of the furniture and supplies like we are used to. What I am dreading is no computer, tv or telephone, which also means no wifi connection. This is showing my dependence upon these technologies.

For this Friday Five, let us explore our use of and desire for such items.

1. What types of technologies, like cell phones, computers, tvs, etc.,
 do you routinely use? How frequently?
My go to's are laptop and dvd player on a daily basis.
Tv would be included only for some of the dvd watching,

{as it's not connected for tv watching}
but that too is secondary to watching movies on the laptop.

Wifi is essential - thankful for public libraries and restaurants
when travelling or my own is down and in need of connexion!
and of course my lovely kindle for reading anywhere!

2. What social media and/or games do you like to play? 

How often? On which device do you occupy yourself? 

Which method of social media do you prefer?
Often invited, but have not yet played games.
I always feel I'm online enough without gaming :)
Social media for me is Pinterest, twitter @_eHope , FB and blogging,
both FHC and Infuse.
Now with my primary posting site, Posterous, closing down 
at end of April, I've been online even more trying to set up,
decipher and transfer everything to a new blogsite .

3. Do you separate online activities between home and work? 

Or is it all the same everywhere?
Seems to be everywhere although I do try to separate
so I don't feel consumed in one area.

4. Do you have a smart (or I-) phone?   
5. What do you wish you had--or do not have--in relation to these devices?
I wish I had one of my cell phones connected an on a plan.
Heading out of country next month and thinking it would be wise
to have that along with me...

Bonus: What is the difference between your attitude towards these 
means of technology and a generation older or younger than you?

I think of them as separate from my 'real life' 
whereas my kids' generation know they're part of real life!
and the older generation hasn't experienced the benefits,
so they don't recognize technology as valuable lifestyle additions.

  How about you?  What's your technology fix and frequency?
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Jan said...

We are so much alike! I'll have to look up eHope and find you on pinterest.

ANovelThought said...

I am in Washington State~ and would love to share a cup of tea with you, should you be close-by and have the time. (I am in the Seattle area, do you know if that's the region you're coming to?) Thanks for the always-lovely-posts and have a pleasant journey :)

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

TY Jan - I'll look forward to your tweets!and any pinterest interests :)

A Novel Thought - can't email you directly as yours is a 'no-replyblogger' [you can tell I tried!] I would totally love taking tea together! My trip this time is MN, but whenever one takes me your way, I will absolutely anticipate the pleasure of your company over a cuppa! Thank you for the inspiriting good wishes and your presence here =) always valued and appreciated!

ANovelThought said...

Okay~ Will look forward to a future visit! :)

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