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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Counting Gratitude for April's BLessings!

Here's this month's Gratitude Calendar
enabling us to count our 1000 Gifts for 2013


Are you joining the count?  Welcome...

1. 3 gifts round
oranges, vine wreath, sun 

2. 3 gifts white
shirt, sunlight, knitting yarn 

3. 3 gifts surprisingly found
xtra skeins for knitting, hoped for colours, shopping company

4. 3 gifts in His Word
Wisdom, Joy, Truth, Counsel, Peace,...
Definitely more than 3 Gifts found in God's Word!

5. 3 gifts at 11 am, 2 pm, 6 pm
11 am - cosmetology teacher doing my hair :)
2 pm - handy available parking spot for doing errands

6 pm - inspiriting news on a social justice issue 

6. 3 gifts nailed together
lovely wood picture frame, wainscotting in kitchen,
my bookshelves!

7. 3 gifts waited for
visit from daughter/sil, family time, Easter at son/dil's

8. 3 gifts rising up
Arise! Women's Conference!
my anticipation of attending :) , creativity...

9. a gift hiding, held, heard
Spring! definitely hiding, wee demitasse teacup, birdsong

10. 3 gifts opened up
book, heart, home

11. 3 gifts budding/blooming
hope in my heart for spring's arrival!
my DIL as pregnancy progresses!
some new ventures ...

12. 3 gifts worn
earrings, sunglasses, hair clip

13. 3 gifts bright
beads for bracelets, ideas, Christ's guiding Light 

14. 3 gifts found looking up
sun shining, God's smile, wider further vision

15. a gift in a bag, in a box, in a book
3 tins soup, a book win in my postbox, autographed bookmarks

16. 3 hard eucharisteos
waiting on variables for conference attendance,
waiting for healing,
family deaths

17. 3 gifts woven together
lives with my children's mates, friendships, sofa throw

18. 3 gifts inherited
a friend's xtra printer, frugality, innovation

19. 3 gifts square
photo frame, photos posted, thumbnail pix
20. a gift stacked, stashed, stilled
dishes, chocolate, my heart regarding missing the conference...

21. 3 gifts found in Christ
Peace, Presence, Provision

22. 3 gifts close
family, friends, laptop

23. 3 gifts reflecting
the gorgeous morning sun into my livingroom,
the grace of God in my life,
the goodness of God new every morning

24. 3 gifts fragile
friendship, family, life

25. a gift cloth, steel, wool
tea towel, engine, winter sweater

26.  3 gifts moving
my future, time, life

27. 3 gifts 'ugly beautiful'
flower beds, muddy tracks, medications

28. 3 gifts orange
serviettes, placemats, tulips

29.  3 gifts in dirt
flowers emerging, compost, creation

30. a gift given, made, sacrificed
love, lunch, time

April Gratitudes Shared 
Now we Welcome May's!
Find more info at Ann Voskamp's sites
on twitter, fb and her blog Holy Experience.
Link is on the Right sidebar.

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