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Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday 5 : Spring 's Anticipation...

Today's Friday 5 from Rev Jan has us looking for Spring...
Jan writes
"Recently having driven from Corpus Christi to Houston to Austin and back to Corpus Christi, Texas, we saw the effects of rain and drought on the byways. South Texas is in a severe drought situation, but the route between Houston and Austin was graced with some recent rainfalls so that wildflowers were abundant. Otherwise, there were few to be seen."

With the old adage "April showers bring May flowers,"
let's look at the weather and vegetation in our home areas to see if any
May Flowers will be blooming.

1. What spring flowers and plants do you see?
Or will see sometime in the future?

Not seeing anything blooming here as yet, but I did notice
a sheltered section of some unknown lovely green tips
pushing their way up and into the sun!
Definitely keeping my eye on them ~
Thinking they will probably be tulips or irises...

2. What kinds of weather are you experiencing in April?

A mixed bag of lots of sun then flurries at the drop of a hat
{or temperature in this case!}
Winds are high and cold - helpful in drying up the melting snow
and muddy puddles! 

3. What are the stereotypical harbingers of spring in your area?
How about where you grew up?

Definitely, melting snow!
Same for where I grew up and crocuses..

Lily of the Valley

and wee Johnny Jump Ups 

4. What season do you like best in your home area?

Summer is fantastic.  Tons of sun.  Lovely warm temps.
Parklike trees arching over streets.  Lots of green and flowers.
But then autumn... AHhh Loveliness ~
All colourful and homey warmth! 
Dreaming of it now....

5. What is sprouting or blooming in your life? What do you wish for?

Ahhh...  Now that's the question of the hour.
Just when I think something is, it isn't.
I seem to be hidden in darkness - in a period of rest -
like the plants resting beneath the soil,
waiting for their wake up call...

I wish {and pray} for acceptance and agreement of being where God has me,
rather than straining at the confines.
Wanting my own way when I know God's plans are always best!
I haven't journeyed this long and far to have missed that memo :)
So... I choose to agree to the waiting with eyes and ears tuned.
Seeking the "treasures of darkness" only God provides...

~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~

"And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of 
Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
from the dreams of its wintry rest."

~  Percy Bysshe Shelley 'The Sensitive Plant '

Thanks for the post and queries, Jan!
It's been a gift to spend time preparing my response.
Blessings on all the Revs and readers as we watch for Spring. 

Find more responses HERE

Leave your responses in the comments ~
I look forward to hearing what Spring looks like
in your life!


Mary Beth said...

Such lovely pics as always. thank you!

river song said...

gorgeous pictures, lovely play, and thanks for the Shelley quote!

Purple said...

May your journey be filled with all those flowers!

Anna Scherer said...

Yes, thank you for that Shelley quote!

Jan said...

Wonderful pictures. I especially like the tulips in the rain! Waiting is difficult; peace as you wait.

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