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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Like FREE Books? Tyndale Publishers REWARD Readers!

Most of us are aware of Tyndale House Publishers.
Not everyone is aware they Reward their readers!

Here's your opportunity to be Rewarded!

Interested?  Click  HERE for your personal 
Membership offer.  [open US]

You'll get 25 points credited to you straight away
by  clicking the above link to join!
You've now earned 25 easy points !
[35 points can = a book]!

Here's what you Get:

Books, audios, Bibles, commentaries - FREE! {seriously!}
+ a personal Birthday gift!
FREE downloads
 Prize drawings [including Kindle]

+ More!

Discover your Rewards 
Video Intro viewing

Your opportunity to connect with Tyndale House,
a publisher who wants to hear your 
feedback regarding
Books, eBooks, Bibles, Reading -
all adds up to points that 
equal Freebies for you!  
Tyndale gains your helpful interactions to improve products. 

You get rewards !  

Click this
 LINK  to get your rewards started Today!
~ Video intro Welcomes You ~
Pass along this Excellent Offer if your readers
friends or family
would like FREE BOOKS as well, by:

Re-Posting on your blog, tweeting:
and / or
Pin it,  FB posting
{You can tell I'm excited about this} ~
 I think you will be too!


1 comment:

Marissa D said...

Thanks for the break down! And for linking up with Cozy Book Hop this past week again


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