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Friday, 3 May 2013

RING the BELL : Provident Films Movie Review

[*as required: FTC disclosure: Thank you to Laura of FLyBy Promotions,
I received this dvd gratis for preview and possible mention on my blog. 
Following is my personal response to the product received. 
Readers are welcomed to comment your responses as available below.}

Ring the Bell :
written by Mark Miller and Thomas Weber
produced by Mark Miller
directed by Thomas Weber
length: ap 96 min

Ring the Bell
explores the story of a slick, big city sports agent,
Rob Decker [Ryan Scharoun] who seems to have it all. 
On his latest mission to sign a high school baseball superstar, Rob’s car breaks down, leaving him stranded in small town America where the simplicity of life – and the faith of the people – stand in stark contrast to his own fast-talking, win-at-all-costs attitude.  Flashy cars and flashing dollars don’t make the impression Rob’s used to. 
Rob discovers Shawn, the high school star he’s hoping to sign, lives on a boys ranch just outside of town.  Heading out to the ranch, Rob wants another kick at the can, after Shawn’s coach turns down the fat brown dollar filled envelope of persuasion Rob had offered.  Here Rob encounters the brother and sister that run the ranch. It takes a heart to heart talk with Danny, to see the reality of who Shawn really is, beside the talented baseball player Rob’s pursuing; that Shawn has a past and a future he’s following according to the Light of Christ he’s gained through prayer.
This is foreign to not only Rob’s ideas, to his experience as a sports agent as well.  Cash and cars have been the calling card others haven’t refused.  Danny and sister Daisy share their stories as the movie progresses, describing their sense of ‘call’ to the work they’re doing with the boys.  When the police drop off another boy at the ranch in an emergency , it sets in motion a chain of events leaving Rob in charge of accompanying the rest of the boys to the town concert headlining Casting Crowns.
Impacted by the words and spirit of the songs, combined with the faith he’s experienced being lived out by the people, Rob replays the events on his way back to the big city when his car is finally returned. ..

My thoughts?
I enjoyed the characterization of the actors in their roles.  Rob was dynamic in his sports agent role and genuine in his inner searching. Lots of variety and quirky characters, as one is prone to uncover in small towns.  The story realistically portrayed both the rush of big city life and relaxed small town life.  No shrinking from life; issues were real and well portrayed.  I especially appreciated the discussion between Danny [Casey Bond] and Rob. Well expressed viewpoints and authentic delivery.  As was Daisy [Ashley Anderson McCarthy].  A forthright, likeable character. 
Her speech, actions and timing were appealing.  

Finding Steven Curtis Chapman in the role of local pastor was a fun moment and well played.  Matthew West took some of Rob’s convincing to be won over in one well acted scene, Casting Crowns were a joy to hear and see live in concert, and baseball legends Rick Sutcliffe, John Kruk, and Ben Zobrist obviously had fun playing their scenes, making it fun for me as a viewer.

I was well entertained and challenged by the movie’s content and conversation.  Thank you, Provident Films for this timely and creative story’s release.

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moniquealisson said...

I haven't heard of this one yet!
I've loved a lot of the Christian films but I really loved the one about Bethany Hamilton.

monique of Ipe Decking

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