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Monday, 3 June 2013

Armchair BEA: Wrapup 3.6.13

Time to wrap this week's Armchair Book Expo Blogging up for another year.
Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads


My thoughts?
I loved that I could participate as much as I did.
Daily posts and sometimes more than once!
I loved exploring book memories for the genre discussions,
meeting new bloggers via comments and their blog posts,
 twitter connections via hashtag and new instagram challenges.
That is one area I'd like to see move from exclusive to inclusive participation.
Not everyone has an iphone to enable the instagram account.
Participation should be open to everyone, not an exclusive group.
I had raised the issue prior to Armchair BEA going live but without response,
so it carried on as the exclusive challenge - sad to say.
Hopefully next year will see that changed?...
Also disappointed that some daily giveaway winners were repeated
when others didn't win at all.  Would like that to be fair for everyone as well.
Glad the linkups were separate for each event or discussion - made it easy to find specific posts.
I have to say I actually was tired by the end of such a full week of blogging!
Happy for all the interactions and new blog visitors, comments, and follows.
Great participation in the FHC Giveaway [winners are Posted!]
and the hard organizational work of the Armchair BEA team!
Thanks for all your work !
Welcome to all new followers of FHC - Look forward to getting to know you and happy to have your input here ...!
~~~ * ~~~

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