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Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Bride for All Seasons: Review -authors Brownley, Clopton, Connealy, Hatcher

The Mail Order Bride Collection
authors Brownley, Clopton, Connealy, Hatcher
published by Thomas Nelson June 18.13
"1800s mail-order bride catalogs facilitated many happy marriages. Here are the stories of four couples who owe their wedded bliss to creative editing by The Hitching Post publisher.

“And Then Came Spring”—Margaret Brownley

Sheriff Tom Garrett wants vengeance on his brother’s murderers, but he must think of his orphaned nephew. Then Mary-Jo shows up, swearing she married Tom’s brother by proxy and he’d neglected to mention a son.

“An Ever-After Summer”—Debra Clopton

Widower Matt McConnell wrote his ad with no room for misunderstanding—Bible believers need not apply. But Bible-thumping Ellie shows up on his doorstep. Matt’s so desperate for her help that he accepts.

“Autumn’s Angel”—Robin Lee Hatcher

Luvena Abbott is a singing sensation in New York. But as guardian to her brother’s children, she has few options to provide a home. Clay Birch won an abandoned theater in a poker game. The Hitching Post editor thinks they’ll make a perfect match.

“Winter Wedding Bells”—Mary Connealy

David Laramie is looking for a woman to care for his children. In exchange he’ll make her financially comfortable for life. But no woman wants to marry a dying man. Then Megan responds to his ad. It seems his “edited” letter contained no mention of him dying."                       - Goodreads

My Thoughts?

Four uniquely fun and fanciful tales of the wild west from capable authors.  
I enjoyed visiting the wild west,
learning about ways of life and situational ethics of this historical time period.  And..
I loved reading the situations that created the need for those ethics!
Complex characters and plots kept me reading for more.
The Hitching Post magazine owner and publisher takes his editorial responsibilities a wee bit too far. Determining whether the requests and replies will garner adequate responses, Melvin tweaks them accordingly. Unfortunately, he's never in attendance for the shocking consequences...

Our four prospective grooms and brides-to-be are each as intriguing as their tales of woe. 
I loved the tensions created and the journeys to creative resolutions. 
The authors are adept at their craft.  Well able to keep my attention through
characterization, dialogue, description, and creative plotting.
My recommendation?
Perfect summer getaway reading!


*I appreciate receiving an ecopy from Thomas Nelson for reading and review without obligation.


pembrokeshire lass said...

Sounds an interesting book. Perhaps I'll look out for it if we have a holiday. Sounds as if its something you can put down and pick up quite easily with no tangled plots to stress or strain! Joan

RAnn said...

This was a fun read!

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