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Friday, 31 January 2014


Liking today's challenge at
 Friday Fives at RevGalBlogPals
Self disclosure in sharing 'Encounters' as follows:
In this week some of us are preaching about a woman who encounters Jesus at the well...
Name 5 encounters in your life 
leading to unexpected results.
[They might include learning a new skill, 
making a friend, falling in love, discerning a call 
or anything around or far off from those ideas.]
The first one coming to mind began as online exploration.
1- Sharing my response to a fascinating website  
Visions Alternative Worship in York UK
became an invitation to meet the Spiritual curator, 
Sue Wallace, and 'encounter' the Alternative Worship  
in 'real life'.  
Two years later,
2- I was blessed with 
[a result of another amazing 'encounter'] 
an overseas journey to the UK that enabled
my real life 'encounter' at Visions York.  I experienced various worship services for a week and participated to the max.  
Life-changing. . .
This 'encounter' became the seed for a new life direction
in ministry and ensuing 'encounters'.
Studies and training at home in mission and pioneer ministry, 
3- online with the Ridley Hall Cambridge
pioneer ministry minister, Dave Male,
4- later to Scotland for the Mission Shaped Ministry
C of E course with amazing instructors, 
 John and Olive Fleming Drane
5- On a weekend intensive in the Highlands
I met the founders of the program the course is based on!
All were a bonus outcome of one afternoon 'browsing'.
Thanks be to God!
Thanks Rev Gals for the challenging post.
I've had a great walk down a meaningful memory lane!
Interestingly, it's re-lit a fire in my spirit ...


Anyone willing to share your life changing encounters 
with FHC ?
We'd love to hear from You...

Sharing with Katherine's Thursday Favourite Things 


LuAnn Braley said...
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LuAnn Braley said...

I am trying not to be pea-green with envy that you have been to Scotland. That is definitely near the top of my bucket list in terms of important things to do before I die.

Several years ago, a friend of a friend told me she was going to Scotland an, knowing my interest, offered to bring me back a souvenir. I asked for a vial of Scottish soil. I guess she thought that was weird enough that I wound up not getting anything. *sigh* Ah well, it wouldn't have been the same as actually being there.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I think I have had many life changing encounters...a big one was when I turned 50 and eventually led to my blog! Thanks for sharing yours on the Thursday blog hop!

Katherines Corner said...

thank so happy you are sharing yours ♥ Thank you for helping to make the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop so much fun. Big Hugs ♥

Sally in WA said...

I love the tower on that church! Thank you for sharing this week in InSPIREd Sunday.

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

that is just breathtaking. wow!! gorgeous. looks like a crown.

i am going to check out your blog get together next week. i need more info. sounds like fun. take care. ( :

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» posted a Lutheran Church in a suburb of Sacramento, California.

Bill Nicholls said...

Been there but not in the place as you had to pay

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