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Thursday 27 February 2014

MURDER ON THE FLYING SCOTSMAN: DAISY DALRYMPLE Mystery #4 by Carola Dunn [Audiobook Review]

WOMEN IN HISTORY MONTH at Faith Hope & Cherrytea
 Daisy Dalrymple, embracing the working world of journalism,
whilst born to privilege in pre-war England, is another addition to this series
of unique women from history.
Not to mention her foray into detecting mystery wherever she may be!
Welcoming Carola Dunn, Daisy's creator...

by CAROLA DUNN author and MIA CHIAROMONTE narrator
It is the spring of 1923 and the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple is on her way to a stately home in Scotland to research her next article for Town and Country. On board the Flying Scotsman, the famous London-to-Edinburgh train, Daisy meets an old schoolfellow, Anne Bretton. Anne, along with all of her relatives, is en route to visit the deathbed of the family scion and notorious miser, Alistair McGowan. As it currently stands, Alistair’s will leaves the entire family fortune to his brother Albert, and the rest of the family is rushing to his side, each hoping to convince him to change his will in their favor.
Daisy, meanwhile, has her hands full taking care of Detective Inspector Alec Fletcher’s young daughter Belinda, who ran away from home and stowed away aboard the train. She barely has time to take notice of the intricate family feud taking place all around her—that is, until Albert McGowan is found murdered on the train and Daisy is surrounded by an entire family of suspects.  © 1997, 2010 by Carola Dunn  -

The Daisy Dalrymple Mysteries, book 4
Author:  Carola Dunn
Narrator: Mia Chiaromonte
Length:  6.8 hrs • Unabridged Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Published: Dec 15 ℗ 2013


Author Bio :  Carola Dunn is the author of the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries, the Cornish mysteries, and over thirty Regencies. Born and raised in England, she now lives in Eugene, Oregon.  Ms. Dunn has a son in California who has just made her a grandmother, and a large black dog named Willow who takes her for a walk by the Willamette River each morning.



Narrator bio:  Mia Chiaromonte is a Southern California native with a BA in theater from the University of California, San Diego. She has worked extensively as an actor, singer, and audiobook narrator, and her voice has been heard across the country on various radio commercials for clients including BMW and Time Warner Cable. She currently lives in southern Oregon .

My Thoughts?
Fourth in the Daisy Dalrymple series set in post WWI England.
It's 1923 as the story begins.
We find British heiress, the Honorable Daisy Dalrymple, bound for her next
journalistic appointment for a Stately Homes article located in Scotland.
Daisy has chosen to fend for herself as a Town & County journalist
rather than depend on her aristocratic family of birth.  
Suffering the loss of both brother and fiancee`in the great war,
Daisy's budding romantic interest is a widower, 
Alec Fletcher, Detective Chief Inspector of Scotland Yard,
whose precocious ten year old daughter, Belinda, is soon discovered
aboard The Flying Scotsman, the London - Edinburgh Express,
Daisy has booked for her trip north.  Daisy is
dismayed to discover that very daughter is running away from a tiff with her gran
 via that very train and without forethought for either ticket or provision.
Believing Daisy would take her to her father, Belinda is unaware they're not travelling
anywhere near her anticipated destination.
Daisy's acceptance of the inevitable responsibilities for Belinda's care is barely settled when
an old school chum appears in the doorway of Daisy's car
and the mystery is set to get underway...
A huge cast of relatives to wade through whilst attempting to keep relational order,
we're introduced to each of them with their reasons for wanting to dissuade
curmudgeonly family patriarch, Alistair McGowan, 
from leaving his fortune to his brother, Albert.
Class distinctions, snobbishness, racial prejudice, and male predominant viewpoints
are de riguer.
Points well taken for the era.
Needless to say, a murder entails and its resolution unfolds with 
plentiful action, familial interaction, and enough red herrings to keep 
the reader's - or in this case - listener's, attention.
Throw in a minute amount of romance and the story's conclusion offers 
the hoped for satisfaction of any good read.
Narrator, Mia Chiaromonte, provides excellent personalization for a
formidable cast of characters.
Whilst the book provides a family tree for reader's assistance in following,
no such resource is available for mp3 listeners.
Ms Chiaromonte is our sole source of differentiation.
I have to commend her on well executed portrayals
from ten year old Belinda to the Indian Dr Jagai.
The reader's pace makes for ease of comprehension and ability to follow.
Voice modulation is well practiced and adds to the interpretation of characters' 
intended  meaning in dialogue.  No jarring spikes or drops,
Ms Chiaromonte provides 
a pleasant read indeed.  
No need for adjusting volume to avoid missing the story or fight fluctuations.
Blackstone Audio's recording provides solid entertainment value.
Technically smooth and without background interference, neither interruptions,
I have come to expect their high quality of clarity and sound.
Valuable features for any audiobook 'reader'.
I look forward to Ms Dunn's next Daisy Dalrymple Mystery #5,

by Blackstone Audio Inc via Audiobook Jukebox and .
My appreciation for an mp3 to 'read' and review without obligation.


Inspired By June said...

These look like good, clean mysteries, I will have to make note of the author - thanks for sharing! If you're on Goodreads, I'd love to connect!

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Garmisch post. Great choice. I love taking pictures there. So much to capture!

Cranberry Morning said...

I've got to check into this author! I love mysteries. What I can't understand, however, is why anyone would want to move from England to America.

Carola Dunn said...

Cranberry--It wasn't exactly a choice to move. After university I set out to go around the world. I met my then-future (now ex) husband in the US. Now I have an American son and two grandchildren, so here I'll be staying.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Lovely to have each of you stopping in to chat!
Warm welcomes, whatever your weather... the kettle's on (=
A special treat to have you here, Carola! Your work has become a regular [and appreciated] soundtrack for this reader!

Katherines Corner said...

I love a good mystery! Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

Cranberry Morning said...

Grandchildren certainly are a consideration in where one lives. BTW, I love the cover artwork. So art deco-ish.

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