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Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Two Reading Challenges for 2015

listed here as they're hosted by the same blog 
My Reader's Block
so for my own convenience in admin, I've posted them together.

First one appeals for the fact it's simply about colour and books which makes it FuN ~

2015 Color Coded Challenge

as follows:
" This year I'm going to open things up a bit more--the color may either be named in the title or it may appear as the dominant color for the cover of the book."
*Read nine books in the following categories.
1. "Blue" or any shade of Blue (Turquoise, Aqua,
Hidden in the Stars by Robin Caroll
The Seafront Tea Rooms by Vanessa Green
Somebody Like You by Beth K Vogt
Snow Angel by Jamie Carie
Wish You Were Here by Victoria Connelly
The Harlequin Tea Set by Agatha Christie
Finding Father Christmas by Robin Jones Gunn
The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene
The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen
Chateau of Secrets by Melanie Dobson
Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron
The Fringe Hours by Jessica N Turner
Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe by Max Lucado
A Stranger's Secret by Laurie Alice Eakes
Island Refuge by Kimberly Rose Johnson
Hope in My Heart by Alexis A Goring
Life and Love by Karen Aminadra
Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason
After the War is Over by Jennifer Robson
Hutterite Diaries by Linda Maendel
2.  "Red" or any shade of Red (Scarlet, Crimson, Burgandy, etc) in the title/on the cover.
A Lady Most Lovely by Jennifer Delamere
Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas by Stephanie Barron
Crooked House by Agatha Christie
Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay
3.  "Yellow" or any shade of Yellow (Gold, Lemon, Maize, etc.) in the title/on the cover.
Christmas Every Morning by Lisa Bergren
The Rivers Run Dry by Sibella Giorello
A Summer to Remember by Victoria Connelly
The Hatmaker's Heart by Carla Stewart
An Appetite for Violets by Martine Bailey
4.  "Green" or any shade of Green (Emerald, Lime, Jade, etc) in the title/on the cover.
Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott
The Pilgrim Spirit by Andrea Skevington
Anne of the Island by LM Montgomery
All Together Now by Monica McInerney
There You'll FInd Me by Jenny B Jones
Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen
A Lady at Willowgrove Hall by Sarah E Ladd
Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner
A Hope Remembered by Stacy Henrie
Easter Stories by various
The Bound Heart by Dawn Crandall
The Winter Garden Mystery by Carola Dunn
Death of a Liar by MC Beaton
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
Price of Privilege by Jessica Dotta
5.  "Brown" or any shade of Brown (Tan, Chocolate, Beige, etc) in the title/on the cover.
Death and the Oxford Box by Veronica Stallwood
Barcelona Calling by Jane Kirkwood
The Daughter of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky
London Dawn by Murray Pura
In the Field of Grace by Tessa Afshar
Classic Love Poems read by Richard Armitage
The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron
Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma
Radical Grace by Richard Rohr
Appalachian Serenade by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Evanly Bodies by Rhys Bowen
6.  "Black" or any shade of Black (Jet, Ebony, Charcoal, etc) in the title/on the cover.
Brentwood's Ward by Michelle Griep
Mist of Midnight by Sandra Byrd
A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear
The Prime Minister's Secret Agent by Susan Elia Macneal
7.  "White" or any shade of White (Ivory, Eggshell, Cream, etc) in the title/on the cover
Be My Companion by M Jean Stairs
I Only Want to Be With You by Lisa Norato
Words to Love By by Mother Teresa
The Good Lord Bird by James McBride
8. A book with any other color in the title/on the cover (Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, etc.).
"Purple" Christmas Past by Debra White Smith [Victorian Christmas Cottage] 
"Mauve" The Promise Keeper by Lisa Norato
"Purple" After the Funeral by Agatha Christie
"Orange" A Promise Kept by Robin Lee Hatcher
"Peach" Dear Mr Knightley by Katherine Reay
"Pink" Prelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot
Multi colour Sarah Love by Geraldine O'Neill
"Orange" A Confident Heart by Renee Swope
"Pink + Tan" Tea Lover's Devotional by Emilie Barnes
"lilac" The Captive Imposter by Dawn Crandall
"Pink" The Rose Girls by Victoria Connelly
9. A book with a word that implies color (Rainbow, Polka-dot, Plaid, Paisley, Stripe, etc.)
While the Light Lasts by Agatha Christie [Light]
The Rose Girls by Victoria Connelly [Rose]
[checking my shelves for colours!]

Challenge #2 ?

Fellow Mystery Buffs have pointed me to a Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge
that has piqued my interest ~
In the form of  Bingo, lines and 4 corners form opps for winning combos.
Two categories are available - 

Silver Age Vintage for mysteries 1st published 1960 - 1989

Golden Age Vintage - published pre 1960

I will likely choose to read some from each Age as books come to hand.
Options are the same for either card:
vertical, horizontal, diagonal, 4 corners
Books Read:

1. Manx Gold by Agatha Christie
2. While the Light Lasts by Agatha Christie*
3. The Harlequin Tea Set by Agatha Christie
4. After the Funeral by Agatha Christie
5. Crooked House by Agatha Christie

More details and signup at My Reader's Block hosted by Bev.
Find my Mystery Shelf selections at goodreads 

Agatha Christie , Dorothy Sayers, Sherlock Holmes on hand +
No Wind of Blame [1939] - Georgette Heyer


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