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Monday, 9 August 2010

art therapy ...

today's blog is the result of stress. 
yes.  a ton of stuff coming down at once, meant i needed to take time for a creative outlet. 
art therapy.
and i knew the perfect opportunity..
i was growing tired of not having my avatar display when commenting on others' blogs, so i resolutely took up blogger's challenge to create one here.  
not that i needed another blog! i just needed the benefits of creating...

and here you have it.  tweaking needed of course.  a work in progress.
i'd like to get the subtitle to actually fit into the frame ;) 
i'm not a techie but i do persevere!
next, it will be to add gadgets ...
hmmm ~ maybe i'll save that for future stress related opps requiring art therapy (:
in the meantime, i've finally gained an avatar to display with my comments!
plus the stress relieved in a productive and healthy manner...
any favourite creative ways you've found that relieves stress?

thanks for joining me here!  you are most welcome.  and
please accept this as your invitation to join me in exploring
the inspiriting world of faith, hope and cherrytea ...

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