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Monday, 30 August 2010

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50th blog today !  care to join me in a cheer ?  yes, i'm blessed to be this far into something that was such a curiosity and strong impelling.  Bea of Moogaloo webdesigners called me with the simplest approach to blogging and i had my first posterous post in minutes.  WoW!  and now 2 1/2 months and unexpected viewings later i'm still loving the learning.  heart gratitude to God for His amazing understanding of what satisfies this heart, for providing the instructor that would get the job done ;) and for the opp to follow my bliss ...

to begin this new week, i'm wondering if we might take Len Sweet's *So Beautiful Study Guide* challenge to heart by putting it into practice.  is anyone else up for this first one?   i'd love to read your blogged results at week's end or your comments as to what resulted from your efforts ...
Go be Jesus challenge:   Look for opportunities to show mercy this week. Think of what your response will be when asked “why?”


Rebecca Ramsey said...

Yey! Congratulations on your fiftieth post!
I enjoy each and every stop at your blog and I'm thankful for your friendship!
A toast to you!
I will be looking for opportunities for mercy. :)

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

thank you, Becky!
as i do appreciate yours !
and taking your time to respond ~
inspiriting for sure :)

Anonymous said...

50! Wow - the same as my year! i haven't even made a blog for as many as half my years yet! Glad it's not a contest! Congratulations Friend!

God is speaking, through all His Servants, to all His people, all the time, and what was it said? - not even all the books in all the libraries can contain everything He did?!

He's been so active in lately, that all i can say is Praise God!!!

For His mercies endure FOREVER, and His compassions they NEVER FAIL!

Looking for an opportunity to extend that mercy to someone soon.

Anonymous said...

mercy being extended to self! just realized i posted last comment with an error! ooops!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

love it ~
just what we so often don't do is extend the mercy to self !
we'd each benefit from doing that regularly :)
thanks for the visit & comment ..

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