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Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Five: Inspirations ~ with Rev Gal Blog Pals

Inspirations ~
Friday Five   

                 Here's today's Friday Five prompt from 
                  Sally at Rev Gal Blog Pals 
                   asking about our week ~

                1. What has encouraged you?
                   2. What has inspired you?
                     3. What has challenged you?
                     4. What has made you smile?
                      5. What has brought a lump to your throat 
                           or a tear to you eye in a good way?

For me?
1- getting God's perspectives ..
needing to see the changes from a place of  Holy wholeness ~
A long long distance call from eldest away at university,
a beautiful card in the mail, a blogger friend guest posting, 
a fave publisher offering books for review,
friends' encouragement expressed
having my eye  untaped for the 1st entire day in 2 1/2 weeks !

2- Inspired me?
some amazing God time as I chose to draw near...
listening, hearing and journalling the conversation
God's evident Presence in my eldest son's PhD journey...

3- Challenged?
creative alternative perspective challenging writing
from a fave speaker ~
new ways of seeing thinking and hearing God

4- Smile?

5- Lump to my throat / Tear to my eye?
hearing God's affirmations..
friends' emails of  God inspired expressions..
my, as yet unmet, blogger friend's willingness to guest post yesterday
and her choice of post..
another one offering..
 blogger friends sending GCs ! amazing kindnesses ..
and all the friends who are taking time to bring me before God
in their personal and corporate prayers ~ amazing...

Great share, Sally! 
Thank you ~

How about you?
any encouragement, inspiration, challenges, smiles 
or tears you'd like to share?
comments always open for your responses!
and I love to hear from you...

Blessings on your weekend ~

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Kelly Scott said...

thank you Sally! I think it is helpful to hear from one another as a reminder that God is at work throughout the world.
I'll comment on #1. My encouragement was in Nehemiah 3 where some of the people worked on the wall outside their home. It was an affirmation for me to work in my local church and to stop looking elsewhere (for now). There is enough to do here!

Sally said...

love this FHCT, such a beautiful thankful post!

river song said...

what a wonderful week and thanks esp for your #4--peace!

Love Of Quilts said...

Lovely post!

RevAlli said...

Love the picture! Hope to figure out how to post it on Facebook. Thanks for sharing.

Purple said...

I am always in awe of anyone who pursues a PHD.

Jan said...

So wonderful to read your multiple replies. I like the way you did this FF! And the picture was so cute that I posted in on pinterest! Thanks.

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