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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

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Becky Tirabassi's theme for this year has been called 'Give Yourself the Gift of Change'.  i'm loving her challenges today so they're re-posted below.  during my first trip to the uk, the results of a study on the length of life were released, revealing that 'curiosity' was a life lengthener.  having an attitude of interest and desire for learning actually added years to life!  this post offers some great sparks to light curiosity in your own life or pass along to include your friends in the fun!  you may just have them around with you when you're still having fun at 90! ...
*We all need help to be a better parent, eat better, be more efficient with our time, or grow in knowledge or skills. 
My challenge to you this week is to BE INQUISITIVE with someone whom you already consider successful in a specific field or area.  Here are a few suggestions of people who could give you a little good advice:
(1) A woman who has raised great children.  Ask her how she parented her kids during seasons of busyness in her own life.  Does she have one great bit of advice to give you for raising a child in this crazy culture?
(2) A married couple (of at least 3 years) whose relationship you admire.  What is one secret they have found that has kept them close to each other?
(3) A traveling friend who has somehow avoided the yo-yo weight-loss-and-gain routine.  What type of exercises does he or she do while out on the road? 
(4) A wonderful cook!  What is one recipe he or she would share with you?
(5) A person who exhibits excellent time-management.  What is one secret they would share with you?
Ask for just ONE TIP that has made them successful (so you don't exhaust them)--unless they want to keep on sharing!   Then modify their ideas to fit your life!

Give yourself the gift of change by being inquisitive!*
Be encouraged by Becky or at her blog
 Little Changes Big Results™


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Good, that means I will have a looooong life, I have been accused of being nos...ummm very curious. I have a cousin who is the same way, we just have a need to know stuff.

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

you're on the right track for that loooonng life!
no matter what it's called :)) !
thx for chatting !!

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