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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

"remember" ~

 Remember ...
Image51 Hdr-01


Anonymous said...

What a Fantastic picture and memory! I love this and it's vintage feel.

CLC said...

Love that photo. Do I remember? Oh my goodness, yes. I also appreciate your interest in the Amish way. I grew up in a part of the world where their beautiful farms and simple ways haunted me. When I was breeding sheep, I worked with an Amish family in Ohio to develop a new line, as they were honest and of their word. It was a gratifying experience. I did meet a few more earthy individuals at the horse auction, as a kid, when I'd skip school and feed my equine obsession.

I saw your comment on my blog site- thank you indeed. And yes you may use that photo anytime you like. It's the highway heading north from Grand Cache, Alberta to Grande Prairie, near my home of years past in Alberta

Your site is lovely, tasteful and offers substance. A gift for which I thank you.

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