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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Church is ...

God's Beauty, God's Beloved...
His unconditional Love ~ 

in Christ ~
living on the resurrection side of the cross ...
alive to all the possibilities ~ 

Church is a blessing community.
made in His image not God made in ours ...
NO condemnation in God's community. 

Church is Yeshua's Bride ~
His overwhelming passion

we must see ourselves as God sees us
know our place before God 
know who we are in Christ

we will not be who we're meant to be
until we know Whose we are
and Who He IS .... 

a living manifestation of Who God IS
and what God Is like ~ 



Pamela said...

I love the church of God. Knowing who we are in Christ brings an amazing joy in spite of circumstances. I belong to Him!

Heidi said...

I am new to the NOBH crew. Stopping in to say hello and thank you for linking up!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

so wonderful, Pamela! glad to see you here today =)and thanks for sharing!

welcome,Heidi! pleased to meet you~ thanks for visiting and chatting =)
will be looking for you at NOBH

Charlotte said...

Too many people underestimate the purpose of the church. The church is the people (not the building or organization). We are the bride of Christ. We are the church. The whole thing really is a mystery. Someday we will understand it perfectly, but I don't think we can this side of eternity.
Thank you for sharing this informational post.

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