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Monday, 4 June 2012

It's Monday! What Am I Reading? 6/4

I'm absolutely late with this post
but it is yet Monday
and i have wonderful books to share so here goes !

I completed reading 
~ the above book link is to the Tasha Tudor illustrated kindle version
on for only .99 if you're wanting your own copy - it's lovely!

all the while my mailbox continued to surprise me !

Books from every direction !

Snippets from a Binging and Bulging Mind

Book 1 in the Trilogy ~ it's already captivated me !
What do an old wooden box, 
a jeweled pendant and some mysterious, 
strangers share in common? 
When Rolin, son of Gannon, is caught up in this riddle, 
his adventures take him worlds beyond the walls of his little log cabin. 
With the help of some griffins and a long-lost prophecy 
that holds the key to his destiny, 
Rolin and his friends battle a sorcerer and his underworld army...
On their perilous quest for the blessed Isle of Luralin, 
they must trust the King with their very lives. 
"The greatest help oft comes in harm’s disguise 
to those with trusting hearts and open eyes."

Dan Walsh's new release

released this April 1st
includes great Lifestyle articles relevant to the 20/30'something readers~

Author Kim Izzo's debut release

AND . . .
Here's an eBook Freebie download available just for the next 3 Days!
from author Lisa T. Bergren
~ Released June 1st ~

i won't tell you all the eBook downloads here ~
just check out my tweets
 you'll have a marvellous library in no time !
i tweet Freebies almost daily ~
just be sure the ebooks are 0.00 before adding to your cart !

for sharing their Writing GIFT and NEW Reads !
I am one appreciative reader who now needs to get back to the Books!

That's what I'm reading this Monday!
and you?

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Linda said...

Have read/reviewed both, Submerged and The Discovery and really enjoyed them. You're in for a treat.

Lindsey said...

Glamorous Illusions looks so pretty! Hope you have a wonderful week!

Linda said...

I can't seem to find time for reading these days! I don't know how I ever had time to work - retirement keeps me so busy!

Abbi Hart said...

I loved Submerged and Glamorous Illusions! Hope you enjoy them!!!

Nise' said...

Great looking mailbox. I want to read Lisa Bergren!!

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