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Friday, 6 July 2012

Rev Gals Friday Five on Being Grateful...7/6

Friday Five ~ Grateful Edition

you are invited to share with us 
five things that cause you to be grateful.

Please let us know in the comments when you play 
so we can visit and be blessed by your gratitude.


Terra said...

I love you asking 5 things we are grateful for. Is this one of those "linky" things where blogs link up? I don't do those, but one thing that pops in to mind is I am glad I joined a women's group at my church for a Beth Moore study. We are reading lots of Isaiah and Corinthians for it.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

THanks, Terra, for sharing!
not a linky here - just the query to join the thinking and discussion.. your gratitude inspirits another's gratitude ~ turning our thoughts in the direction of wholeness !

Bless you for being part of God's Goodness shared ...

Robin Helm said...

Love your blog! I'm thankful for my salvation, my family, music, my friends, and my work.

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