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Friday, 25 January 2013

21 Days of Wonder: Dream #LiveWonderstruck

My heart soared with JoY when I read today's inspirationFrom Margaret Feinberg :
Some of God’s greatest wonders await us when we allow ourselves to dream.
Spend twenty minutes today creating a list of things you’d like to see God do in your life
and the lives of those around you.
Write down things you’d do, places you’d visit, and situations you’d encounter if anything were possible.
Ask God to lift the lid off your prayer life
and begin believing him for things you previously thought impossible.
{Walk boldly in the wonder of divine expectation}.

Wonder Challenge: Tweet, post, pin, or FB,
proclaiming a bold dream today!

1 for me is a return to the Uk.
I've already reconnected with friends in ministry there
and I'm prayerfully researching options ..
{ which, confessing, brings a huge smile to my face! }

then today, friend and author Karen Arminadra, fb posted this
of the village of Bibury Gloucestershire


"This village is just calling out to be the setting of someone's story "
ahhh!  bless her !  dreaming 
{definitely in colour!}
One of my [Margaret's] life-long dreams has been to go to Maine.
If you want to join her on the adventure of a lifetime this summer
playing and hiking in Acadia National Park on August 8-11, click here.
Don’t wait, spots are filling up fast.
Tomorrow: PRAYER
If you have a Kindle, follow along with us!
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