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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


21 Days of Wonder

From author, Margaret Feinberg:

As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to live each day in wild amazement of God.
 If we pay attention, we can begin discovering the wonders all around us—those moments of spiritual awakening that spark our curiosity to know God more.

For 21-Days Margaret is challenging us to find the wonder in our life, praying that during the next 21 days, we will sense the Holy Spirit leading us to do and say things we may have passed by before.
So, every day we will focus on a different opportunity to find wonder in the ordinary (and sometimes the extraordinary), and we invite you to post your experiences, your aha moments, and your photos that display what you’re discovering along the way. 
Whether you post on Facebook or your blog, Pin on Pinterest, Instagram or Tweet, use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK. We’re going to be looking for you, celebrating with you, and even giving gifts to you along the way.

Ask God to unleash His wonder in your life
like you’ve never experienced it before. 

Now live today expectant for how God is going to answer.
Today: Post, pin, or proclaim a prayer for wonder.
I pray that my eyes would be open to the awe and wonder of You ~

It’s never too late to join the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge

Grab a friend and begin the dare to 

#LIVEWONDERSTRUCK starting today!

Day 1: Beauty
Capture an image of God’s beauty, grace, love, peace, and joy.
you may find examples all around you!
Let’s encourage each other with God’s beauty.

Day 2: 
What are the challenges preventing you from experiencing God’s wonder?
Turn those challenges into a short prayer.

Lord, turn my heart from distractions
toward experiencing Your wonder...

Day 3: 
Time ~
Proclaim two things you’re going to say “No” to
in order to say “Yes” to more of God. 

Saying"No" to unnecessary activities and conversations

Day 4:  HOPE 
#LIVEWONDERSTRUCK Challenge: Sometimes music brings hope and encouragement into situations
that may seem hopeless. What is one song / album that brought you restoration in difficult times? 
Post your favourite song, album, artist, or lyric that inspired you.

Ashley Cleveland comes instantly to mind -
Power of Love album - Riding With The King -

Day 5: Creation ~

 Allow yourself to spontaneously respond to God in thanks, and worship—
celebrating the wonders of creation all around.
Upload a photo that makes you feel wonderstruck.
It could be of one of your favourite spots or
it could be of some place that you dream of visiting one day.

Day 6: Forgiveness ~
Spend some time thanking God for the way He created you
the redemptive work He’s doing in your life,
and walk in the wonder of forgiveness.
Wonder ChallengePost a photo of what 
walking free in forgiveness and living redeemed” looks like.

 Day 7: Silence
Share a phrase, a photo, a short expression 

what you experience, see, learn, or hear while in silence.

Wonder Challenge: 

Upload your photo, phrase, or thoughts
Here's mine ~

"In quietness and trusting confidence
shall be your strength."  
Isaiah 30.15

And, if you haven’t ordered your copy of Wonderstruck yet, it’s not too late! Here’s the link:
Receive notifications for the 21 Days of Wonder in your inbox each day. Click here to sign up and receive a bonus eBook: Wonderstruck by Jesus Christ.


Fiordelisa said...

Ah-hah. I got a comment window to open. I want to join your Reading Through Scotland for 2013, but couldn't comment there. I'll try again now.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

This is the first I've seen of this, but I haven't been blogging a whole lot or on FB/Twitter.....this is a great idea, and I want to participate if only by reading your blog!


Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

Sorry, Fiodelisa, about the hiccups - having them myself in various aspects of trying to post. Glad you persevered and super excited to have you along for the Scotland Reading Challenge !

and you, RJ, for this journey into wonder ! THanks for participating at the level you can manage ~ I've had enough struggle with intermittent internet, so I haven't blogged at my usual pace either :)
Glad you're here !

Janis Cox said...

Oh I am reading Wonderstruck as well. I have already read the first 5 chapters before it was published but just received my copy this week. I am taking it slowly because there is SO much in Margaret's book.
Excellent post.
Thank you,

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