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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

21 Days of Wonder: 'Silence' #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK


From author Margaret Feinberg:

God often chooses to reveal the wonder of himself in quiet moments. 
Sit in silence for twenty minutes. Set an alarm if need be, 
so you know how much time has passed.
Keep paper and pen nearby to write down 
any fluttering thoughts.

Embrace the silence then invite God to speak.
Reflect on what you hear in this posture of listening.
Pray that God reminds you of people for whom you can pray.
Ask God to bring scriptures to mind that He wants you to consider.
Enjoy the wondrous silence of just being with God and in his presence. 

My phrase shared:
"In quietness and trusting confidence shall be your strength"

Share online in a phrase, a photo, a short expression what you 
experience, see, learn, or hear while in silence.

Wonder Challenge: Upload your photo, phrase, or thoughts to Facebook, 
Pinterest, Twitter, or your blog and hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK


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Join us during the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge and awaken to the 
wonders of God all around. 

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