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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Scotland Reading Challenge for 2013 !

2013 Reading Scotland Challenge

Wondering if there are other readers, beside myself, 
who would be interested in a Challenge
to read anything Scottish this year?
I have found a number of Scottish authors whose writings
I’m keen to pursue,
along with Scottish settings and storylines
that keep pulling my attention in their direction.
Here’s your opportunity to join the adventure!

Create your own public post of participation
at Goodreads, on FB, Pinterest, etc
If you post it later as a page, it will be easier to find for updating.
Link to your post/page in the comments below
Not a blogger?  Post your involvement in comments 
by Nov 1st 2013.

The more genres we explore the richer our experience.
Poetry, history, biography, memoir, essays, fiction, ya
children’s, contemporary, mystery, romance, fantasy,
spiritual, time travel, photography, recipebooks..
Whatever involves Scotland,
whether author, location, subject, is on target.

Then determine your level of involvement  ~
Bairn at 1 – 3 books
Lass at 4 - 7
Laird at 8 - 11
Queen of Scots at 12 +

Pick up your participation button [top] before you go...
even if you're in at 1 book!

Be sure to return and post the link to your reviews.
Your response may be the motivation for another
to read your discovery!

Wanting to add a Scottish themed Giveaway during the year?
Definitely welcomed!
All who complete their posted commitment level
will be entered for a surprise Scottish treat
at the conclusion of the Challenge Nov 30th 2013!
Looking forward to sharing our Scottish adventures !

For those inquiring about reading suggestions
I have a Scotland Reading Challenge shelf at Goodreads
and a Pinterest board of books ~
I look forward to hearing / seeing your choices ! 

When tweeting about the challenge ,
books you've completed, reviews written, etc.
Please use hashtag #ReadingScotland
THANKS for joining us !

For more inspiring posts ~


Terra said...

I will follow your Scottish theme posts and look for titles I will want to read.

Janis Cox said...

Linking in from Inspire me Mondays. Sounds like a great time. I am part Scottish in my ancestry somewhere. I will try to come back and see how things are going.
I don't know much about Scotland really. Other than the bagpipes and haggis.

Create With Joy said...

Thanks for sharing your challenge with us (and kudos for offering one!)

I'm in the list of compiling my Reading Challenges for the year right now.

I'm not sure if my reading will take me to Scotland - most of my books are non-fiction - but I would love to see what you are recommending as I am open to participating if something catches my eye!

Do you have a list of suggestions on where to start?

Create With Joy

P.S. Be on the lookout for my challenge post. I hope to include a spot for people to share their challenges! :-)

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Loving your responses.. Thanks !

I have posted suggestions via my Goodreads "Scotland Reading Challenge" shelf. Find it under 'writer...'

Susan F. said...

I have made a page for this challenge on my blog.

I read mostly romance, but will try to squeeze some other types in there.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Susan, your page is lovely! and what a great organizational manouever! well done & Welcome to the challenge. still working on getting a linky - challenged by slooooow internet.
Once that's up, we'll all be connected - several are participating via goodreads. looking forward to knowing how to find each other..

thanks each of your for emailing and connecting as we travel Scotland's Reading terrain!

Olivia Stocum said...

I have a Scottish themed blog at if you want to 'share' posts, or books there! Just let me know! Or feel free to contact me just to say hi.

Jennifer Taylor said...

Just posted the challenge at my Carolina Scots-Irish Blog:

Will post on my regular website/blog on Wednesday.

Carissa said...

I am in for the challenge. My post can be found here.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I didn't hear you were doing this and have been seeking a Scotland theme! I was there recently and it was the time of my life, such lovely memories.

I found six in my personal library so far (an actual building!) that will do. Knowing me, I'll strive for more. Btw - I've been wanting to hear for some time where in Canada you are. :)

* Please answer queries via my blog / e-mail as much as possible. It's hard using dial-up, to revisit pages until replies pop up. Thanks! Carolyn.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll follow up with me by e-mail but I see that posts are only here. I'm in with my write-up!

I hope there's a review-linking page. Please tell me where it is.

Lucy said...

I just posted my tentative reading list--my first new post after moving my blog to WordPress! :)

What fun to select books with this theme! Thanks so much for the challenge!

LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

I am, of course, SCOTS-MAD, so I will have to join this challenge.

One of my favorite quotes (actually from a SNL episode):

"Scotch is a drink. Scots are a people. But we're both quite tasty!" :O)

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Delited to have each of you !
Welcome newest tasty member, LuAnn =)
will watch for your post of participation & book selections [you can always change your list as needed ]

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to post reviews here on in the Goodreads group, so here are my entries to the contest! :) I surpassed 'lass' level and raise to 'laird'! Warmly, Carolyn.

1) “The Salzburg Connection”, Helen MacInnes, 1968

2) “Thunder On The Right”, Mary Stewart, 1957

3) “If Books Could Kill”, Kate Carlisle, 2010

4) “Mystery At Black Rock Island”, Robert Sutherland, 1983

5) “The Ghost Of Ramshaw Castle”, Robert Sutherland, 1989

6) “Celtic Praise”, Robert VanDeWeyer, 1998

7) “Copper Sunrise”, Bryan Buchan, 1972

8) “The Sign Of Four”, Arthur Conan Doyle, 1890

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