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Sunday, 3 February 2013

What Am I Reading? Monday Feb 4 2013

It's the 1st Monday of February!
What are You Reading?

Just put down AJ Cronin's
Adventures in Two Worlds

My first introduction to this author, though certainly not the last.
Absolutely loved his style, unique command of English
that made reading pure pleasure.
Two of his books were made into movies.
Based on this book, the BBC ran an ongoing series, Dr. Finlay.  
Amazing man.  Amazing human interest stories from
Scotland, Wales, London, Europe.
Found it in the lounge library while searching for Scottish authors for the

I've now picked up another new to me Scottish author,
Compton MacKenzie, [kind of a giveaway with that name!]
who's book Monarch of the Glen is also a fave BBC series.
[available on dvd]

The book copy I received from the library is ancient,
so no corresponding book image to be found.
Again, the writing is personable as are the characters.
No wonder the series went on to its seventh season!
Another addition to my Scotland Reading Challenge
Pinterest Board tracking my reads
[good source for suggestions if you're interested
or have any to offer!]
I'm now completing the Bairn level of 4.
Enjoying the enthusiasm of other participants,
and hoping to get a linky up on the sign up page as soon as I have
uninterrupted internet !
Feel free to add your interest in comments if you're joining.
[even if it's for reading 1 itsy bitsy book!]

That's it for now.
The 21 Days of Wonder challenge has been fab,
but tomorrow marks the last prompt.
Sunday's was an amazing exploration into the meaning of our name.
Check it out..

See you when I can take a peek out from under my bookstack!
HapPy Reading!


The Brunette Librarian said...

As I was reading your blog post, I found myself reading it with a Scottish brogue :)

Have a lovely week and may it be filled with lovely books!

Whatcha readin' this week @ the Brunette Librarian and Don't forget to enter to win Philippa Gregory's "Changeling"

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

=)) luv that brogue! perrrfect!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Don't remember any scottish books that I have read! Hope you enjoy these!

Frances Stiles said...

Adventures in Two Worlds sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion!

Fiordelisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fiordelisa said...

Thank you for your Scottish reading recommendations! They look great! I'll probably investigate them in *July*, when my current list runs down...slow reader, here :-).

I'm joining up for your Reading Scotland Challenge with a post today at my blog about Sir Walter Scott. (I can't get a link here to open in a new, large window. If you would like to visit, please click my name, above.)


Nise' said...

Thanks for the info about the reading challenge! Have a great week of reading.

dollycas aka Lori said...

Scottish Authors, oh I may just have to check these out. Sounds like great reading!

Bettina Grissen said...

I love some of A. Cronin's works, like The citadel or The keys to the Kingdom.

Enjoy them!

kind regards,

Introverted Jen said...

You can't go wrong with books set in Scotland! It is on the "vacation in the next few years list."

Mystica said...

Finished The Ravens Heart by Jesse Blackadder a couple of weeks ago. The closest I came to Scotland!

Jennifer Hartling said...

Hmm..this makes me wonder if I've ever read any Scottish authors. I have to guess that I have over my long reading life but I can't remember for sure!

Micupoftea~ said...

Sounds like perfect books to read while sipping a pot of tea! Happy reading :)

debbie bailey said...

I LOVE Monarch of the Glen and have been wanting to read Compton MacKenzie's books. I've never read any Cronin but have seen his books for years in old book shops and thrift stores. I'm so tempted to join this challenge!

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