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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pinterest Book NEWS for It's Monday! 4.22.13

Linking my reads for this week to Sheila's Book Journey
It's Monday!  What are You Reading?

I read a lovely Rosamunde Pilcher contemporary novel

Under pressure from her mum's encouragement toward marriage,
Prue takes the opp to accept her aunt's invite 
and sets off to Cornwall to assist Phoebe mend her broken arm.
A waif of a 10 year old girl arrives in her train compartment,
unceremoniously dumped off by an abrupt and uncaring father,
and Prue's life unexpectedly takes a new direction...
A lot of story packed into 233 pages!
Keep tissues close by and a kettle for tea on the boil...
Characters to care about and contemporary issues to resolve,
I was convinced once again why Ms Pilcher is the author
I love to pick up for spur of the moment light reading.

Find many more reading links HERE

I received several book packages this week in the post.
Ashton Park reportedly better than Downtown Abbey
a win from Canadian author, Murray Pura,
THe Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman win from Ariel at She Reads.
The Reliance swashbuckling adventure from MaryLu Tyndal,
I downloaded- Still Free online thru tomorrow 22nd!

Lots of fresh reading available when time allows.

A quick reminder that World Book Night 2013 is racing
toward us for an April 23rd arrival.
Our opportunity to get involved in a local distribution or participate
in our own initiative.  It's all about promoting reading.
Find a book to pass along and do it!
Book list on the site or gift one of your own.
Why wait for anyone's permission or program?

Moving along in that same vein of making your own action,
I'm issuing all readers a personal invitation ...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Faith Hope and Cherrytea
has begun a group Pinterest Book Board!
Designed for all avid readers / reviewers
with more books, audio books, or books to movies,
than your shelves can handle!
{and for those who would like to add to their shelves!}


If you are interested in selling, swapping, receiving or giving away,
this may be the opportunity and venue for you...

 {**Group boards are ideal networking opps!}

How does it work?
First, you'll need to be included in the BOOK'D Pinterest group board.
Contact me directly via comments here or there
or DM @_eHope twitter
I will need your email
which will allow you to be added to the board
in order to pin your items.

Decide which items you're ready to part with,
your asking price, if it's giveaway or swap.
Then head to the Book'd Pinterest Board.
{click to link directly there}
Once you're added, pin your item and write your description.
Examples have been posted for how to follow.

By placing the $ or £ currency symbol for your country,
along with the selling amount you're requesting,
your item will be price tagged for that amount.
{Choose the symbol for payment in the currency you wish to receive.}
Pricing also gets your items tagged in the Pinterest Gift Link.
{centre top of Pinterest home page}
The drop down menu lists the Gift price ranges 
where you will find your items appropriately pinned.

Be sure to state if you'll be adding or paying
postage/shipping charges.
If you're wanting to swap/exchange or giveaway, 
state that in your pin description.
{Detailed discussions of payment methods, postage, etc 
should follow in private communication or messaging}.

The Final Pin step?
Hashtag your items for sale with the appropriate
#usedbooks #Books #bookswap #giveaway
You can try other bookish hashtags to find what other pins
are available that might work in your situation
eg. If it’s a book to movie dvd.

{edit your pin whenever you want to change info,
to mark sold, or remove your pin when sold/swapped}

You may want to keep a record of what items
you’re pinning, price, date pinned, then followup
with sale or contact info for purchaser.
It’s up to you how organized or detailed you want this to be.
My hope would be for this to be a FuN Pinterest venture!

Looking forward to seeing your pins for books, audios,+ dvds
for sale or swap!
Perfectly timed for a unique giveaway
World Book Night 2013
experience to instill your love of reading to a wide audience!

Now then,
what's going to be your first #book pin...?

Book'd Pinterest pinning with Natasha in Oz
Inspire Me Monday 

Dewey's 24 hr Read A Thon next Sat 27th !
make sure you're signed up for both events soon...
Armchair Book Expo May 27th thru June 2nd


Nise' said...

World Book Night is awesome and there are some great titles on this year's list. Have a great week.

Christina A said...

Wow this is the first I've heard of World Book Night! Thanks for letting me discover this and thank you ever so much for your visit to my blog, bless you! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Pintrest invite, I will be sure to check it out

Have a great reading week!
Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

Quixotic Magpie said...

I am very into reading contemporary right now - The Carousel sounds lovely! And I love the cover.

I am participating in World Book Night as well! I am handing out The Lightning Thief to a small boys and girls club. :)

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Thanks for sharing the events...and I really want to read the Pilcher novel The Carousel.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jennifer | Book Den said...

The pinterest board is a cool idea!

Book Blather said...

Oh My Gosh, that book exchange pic is SOOO cute, I want one in my village!!! Even if the books might get damp and musty... I may have to add that Rosamunde Pilcher novel to my wish list, it just sounds so heart warming! :-) Have a great reading week.

Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader said...

I'm so excited for World Book Night that I can hardly stand it! :) We're supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight and I'm hoping I won't be snowed in tomorrow or something, lol.

Yay for book packages! Those are the best :)

Have a great week and enjoy WBN!

Lindsey said...

You certainly have had a busy week! The Pinterest board looks like fun. Enjoy your new books!

Introverted Jen said...

I haven't read Rosamunde Pilcher in years and years. I loved her back around the time The Shell Seekers came out. Enjoy your week!

Charlotte said...

Just finished Knots and Crosses and started Haunted Ground.

Christina T said...

I missed out on World Book Night this year but hope to participate someday.

I am signed up for the read-a-thon and looking forward to it. Now I need to compile a list of fun books. I always like to read lighter stuff for the read-a-thon because it makes the hours fly by :)

Have a great week!

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