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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Read a Thon: Cover Mini Challenge

Hour 18 Mini Challenge 
in the Dewey 24 hr Read a thon
Stacy  posts,
"I think all of these colorful covers will perk up those tired eyes!
At Oscar time I asked my readers to vote on their own Bookish Ballots for 2012. I thought I’d let you do the same for 2013 so far.
There are two ways to participate-1 Vote for your favorite in each category by leaving a comment (when challenge is over come back and I’ll have them tallied up)  2. Post your own winners in said categories.."

My choices?
1- Best Title?

2- Best Dressed?

3- Cutest Couple?

4- Most Delicious Cover?

5- Cutest Animal?

6- Cutest Kid

7- Best to avoid in a dark alley?

8- Best Tattoo?

9- Best Cover?

Thanks for the late nite creativity, Stacy!

What covers would be 'winners' for you?


Anonymous said...

Great picks! Your best dressed pick was so close to making my list! You are nearing the finsih line now. Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

I've posting the results of the challenge if you want to check them out.
Thanks for coming up with your own winners. I've enjoyed seeing what other people found.

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