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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Armchair BEA Photo Challenge: Reading BOOK Stash / Stack Thursday 30.13

Design credit: Nina of Nina Reads.

Today's Challenge?
Photo of our Reading Stacks and Stashes !

Then tweet using #ArmchairBEA tag so we can find each others' Reading FuN !
{instructions on button below}

Now that most of my review books are delivered as ebooks,
here's what my current TBR looks like !

Over 2000 books on 1 ereader alone
and looking forward to a new Kobo Arc asap !!
Unless I take a pic of my bookshelves and turn it sideways this is my TBR stash !

Look forward to seeing yours!!
{remember to tweet}

I'm not in possession of an iphone so no instagram account available.
Posting here and tweeting via @_eHope



Infuse said...

I'm getting a lot of review books via dnld as well - like the efficiency and speed of it.. great graphic :)

iris said...

je voudrais vous indiquez mon autre
ou je fais des articles sur mes
auteurs préférés
à bientôt
edith (iris)

Anonymous said...

And I thought my TBR stash was looking full... I don't think stash is even the correct term having now seen yours... Mine is pretty measly.
Good luck with working through!!

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