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Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: Forsaken Dreams -author MaryLu Tyndall

Victoria Day.
Beginning the book as rain is furiously slashing and wind howling at my windows and what do I read? 
"The eerie whistle of wind through rigging tore at Eliza's remaining courage..." A book that provides sound effects?!
Definitely perfect timing for this read! 

Forsaken Dreams [Book 1 of Escape to Paradise]
by MaryLu Tyndall
published by Barbour Books 2013

"...a seafaring adventure in a brand-new series from bestselling author MaryLu Tyndall. After witnessing the death and destruction caused by the Civil War, Colonel Blake Wallace is eager to leave his once precious Southern homeland for the pristine shores of Brazil and the prospect of a new Utopian community. Widow Eliza Crawford seeks passage on Wallace’s ship harboring a dirty secret—and a blossoming hope for a fresh start. But will dangers from the sea and from man keep them from the peace and love they long for?"


Based on the true aftermath of the American Civil War
when thousands fled their homeland hoping to find new futures and peace.
A book that kept my interest and connection with believable and varied characters in their struggles throughout a high seas journey to their expected utopia. Plenty of relational interaction between personalities, races and classes heated things up in the confined space onboard the ship. 

Ms Tyndall deftly handles characters and situations, building and releasing tension; pacing and timing the action to ebb and flow for a great reading experience.

Unjust actions of the passengers toward Eliza raised my ire, though I could well imagine the heightened responses of people who've been defeated by war. I was watching for mercy and relieved when it was evidenced. My emotions were definitely engaged in the story and its people. I was as relieved as the passengers when they arrived in Rio to find welcome, beauty and provision. 

Dark spiritual resistance to their efforts on land and sea was an unusual addition to the plot. Foundations have been well laid for further inclusion as we find Graves continuing with the band of refugees into the jungle at the book's conclusion and many secrets yet undisclosed.

The romance was delightfully inspired from its early introduction. I could well imagine the interest and longing as described between Blake and Eliza and was ready for some reprieve as love and forgiveness were severely and repeatedly contested. I longed for its resolution and MaryLu didn't disappoint with her excellent conclusion.

Thank you to Barbour Books for providing a copy to read and review without obligation.

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MaryLu Tyndall said...

Thank YOU!!! For such a wonderful and well-thought-out review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. :-)

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