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Monday, 15 April 2013

It's Monday! I Am Reading... 4.15.13

It's Monday!  What am I Reading?

The loveliest Regency debut by Sarah Ladd ~
The Heiress of Winterwood

My thoughts?

Review: The Heiress of Winterwood 
Book One of Whispers on the Moors

From cover to content, author Sarah Ladd’s debut novel impresses. A Regency novel, complete with gowns, estates and luxury, fans of the era will be intrigued with more than setting. Ms Ladd has adeptly captured the sentiments of our protagonists, Amelia Barrett and Cptn Graham Sterling, individually and as they take a relational journey from introduction through to interest. Flawed characters that had me pleasantly surprised one moment and frustrated the next. Amelia’s headstrong ways got her in more hot water than she expected. Grateful Ms Ladd revealed the costs of her misjudgements and used them as learning experiences in the development of Amelia’s character. The entire cast of characters was realistic and played their roles remarkably. Aunt Augusta was a definite replica of Mrs Bennet of Pride and Prejudice fame, her voice echoing with clarity whenever she appeared on the scene. Captain Sterling was pictured every bit as sterling as his name, keeping my interest tapped to the final lush closing moment...

The relationships throughout the story were well developed with authentic characters and reactions. The storyline itself grabbed me even as I first received it as a book review option. An intriguing twist mounts the plot’s intensity to a feverish race to the finish. Definitely not a book to put down easily!

A satisfying story of redemption on many fronts, I look forward to hearing more from Sarah Ladd. Soon!

This week I'm a bit busy for reading adventures
as I prepare for the Arise! Women's Conference
in St Paul...
Delighted for the opp to attend plus having my aunt's
assistance in driving there.  
My eye still tires and dries, so I wasn't comfy in taking on the challenge
without backup !
Looking forward to a break in all the winterlike snowfall
so that we can actually
"head out on the highway - lookin' for adventure
and whatever comes our way" 
{other than snow!}

Hope your week harbours some Spring 
and pray ours does too ok?

Are you ready for World Book Night?
Share your love for reading !

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iris said...

bonjour je suis ravie
d' avoir fait connaissance
avec vous
grâce à vous j' ai commencé
un album photos WE♥IT
étant une passionnée de Jane
Austen ,
je me suis toujours demandé
pourquoi il n' y avait pas de
rosier portant son nom
merci de ce partage
edith (iris)

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Enjoy the conference! And here's to the departure of snow!

Here's my It's Monday.

Faith F. said...

Great review of a book that I am so excited about reading! I won a copy in a give-away and am so excited to read this story....and so glad that their is going to be a series!!!!! I found you blog on Goodreads and love meeting fellow book bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Another week and another interesting book. A lovely review given. The cover is this book is something special, simple but capturing.
Enjoy your conference!

Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader said...

Enjoy the conference :) Have a great week of reading too!

La Tea Dah said...

I really appreciate the book referral! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I hope you find more adventure than snow then!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd OUt

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for the lovely review!!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

You're most welcome, Sarah!
It was a joy to read and review :)
Looking forward to your next!

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