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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Moonlight Masquerade : Regency Review - Author Ruth Axtell

Moonlight Masquerade
Author: Ruth Axtell [click to link directly]
Publisher: Revell Mar 1.13
French-born Lady Celine Wexham is perfectly placed to collect political secrets from the highest circles of London society but finds herself in danger of falling for the man sent to discover where her true loyalties lie.- Revell

Loved it! 
A Regency with suspense, espionage, ruses and red herrings enough to keep me reading for more. 

Surprise revelations, gorgeous settings, precise timing, excellent characterization of protagonist and antagonists, 
secondary characters, both French and English, high speed horseback and carriage chases, 
midnight escapades and masquerades, romance and intrigue,
all made for above average reading pleasure. 

Rees Phillips, delegated butler, is delectable.  Sent unsuspected from the British Foreign Office , he is intelligent, responsive and willing to take necessary action!  
But his attraction to Lady Celine must be shaken if he's to fulfill his raison d'etre. 
Learning more of Lady Celine's past and its formational effect on setting her up for espionage gives readers the information Rees is lacking.  Intense scenes where I often wondered, 
"What would I do now?" 
What would I have done in the situations presented...? 

The story definitely lived up to its book cover! No disappointments. The ending is delicious.. A do not miss invitation to Ms Axtell's next novel!

Ruth Axtell [also Ruth Axtell Morren] wrote her first spy thriller at 12,
her practice having paid off with Moonlight Masquerade a result.
                                              Much delightful information on her well-travelled life at her name link 
and the opportunity to discover many more of her novels.
"Ruth's inner journey of faith parallels her outward journey--seemingly circuitous, sometimes wandering in the desert--yet ever-guided by the Good Shepherd."- Goodreads


*With appreciation to Revell for providing a reading and review copy without obligation.
~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~

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