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Friday, 7 June 2013

Slow Moon Rising: Review - author Eva Marie Everson

New June 2013 Release !

A stunning cover drew me to read this novel. Ms Everson's story kept me reading.

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"One family, one secret--and one chance to make it right.

The beautiful Claybourne home on Cedar Key has long been a place of rest, healing, and release. Each member of the family has turned there in times of confusion, loss, and hurt, only to feel their spirits renewed and their hearts restored.

But Cedar Key might also be the birthplace of a lie that is poisoning the family from within. 

Join the five Claybourne women--Anise, Kimberly, Jayme-Leigh, Heather, and Ami--as they search the past and confront the truth. Their unique paths will lead them through heartbreak, misunderstandings, and pain. But their journeys will also bring reconciliation with each other and the precious renewal of love in their own lives.

In her lyrical, evocative fashion, Eva Marie Everson weaves a tapestry of complicated relationships that, when complete, reveals the most beautiful work of art there is--family" - Goodreads

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My first experience with the Cedar Key series, Slow Moon Rising is book 3 and final in the series.
A New Release for June 2013.
Enjoying getting into what  I thought a story of romance,
I was surprised when the story changed to a new character's view and placement in another year. Definitely an interesting, in depth understanding of the individual characters resulted from the author's technique. As the saga progresses, the reader is offered installments from each of the interconnected lives of the several Claybourne family women. 
A contemporary novel featuring family secrets and suspense that piqued my curiosity. Dealing with nitty gritty real life issues ,  I appreciated Ms Everson's willingness to tackle them head on. 
No simplistic whitewashing  realities of life in today's culture. 
These several entwined stories compelled me to keep reading as the characters worked out struggles, relationships, issues, baggage, and their faith. A reading experience of realistic situations with inherent emotional responses through years, secrets, and distance separating family members typical of families today.
Ms Everson's style and descriptions are secondary to the relational focus, but definitely some writing gems in the midst make for increased awareness and appreciation of her writing ability.
A satisfying ending that left this reader reflecting on the impact of  secrets and life choices on the lives of those around us.  An ending that allows readers to draw their own conclusions.

Considering summer's extended reading opportunities,
I would recommend Slow Moon Rising as a novel worth delving into. 
 Characters that pull you into their lives.  Situations that could be your own.

Read Slow Moon Rising when you want to steal away into a great story...


Books 1 + 2 in the Cedar Key series:

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*Thank you to Revell for providing an ebook copy to read and review without obligation.


Katherines Corner said...

Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop xo

Eva Marie Everson said...

Thank you so much for the review. :)

As a note, "Chasing Sunsets" is the first book in the series. "Waiting for Sunrise" is Book 2. Book 1 won several awards last year--so proud of that work!--and Book 2 is up for several this year. What a blessing for me to be able to share the gift God gave me of storytelling to hit the hard issues of life. Thank you again!

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