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Friday, 26 July 2013

High Summer Read-a-Thon July 22-28.13

Joining the High Summer ReadaThon
at Seasons of Reading
ongoing Monday 22nd continuing til midnite CST Sunday 28th.
[Signups open until Friday midnite CST July 26th - no blog required - FB, Goodreads, Twitter -
all are possibilities.  Some way to keep updated and connected...]
Host, Michelle Miller, encourages readers to 
"remember to have fun this week. Again, 
my read-a-thon credo is "a week of relaxed reading during which we can personally challenge ourselves and whittle away those ever looming TBR piles/shelves/libraries." 
My current reading includes award winning author,
Lisa t Bergren's intense medieval time travel
River of Time series

book 2  CASCADE - completed Sunday 28th

now beginning book 3 TORRENT

[publisher David C Cook]
My first completed High Summer ReadaThon read?
James L Rubart's 'ROOMS'
[published by B & H Books]
Looking like the perfect summer setting,
it's proving to surpass all expectations for a great read..!
Not sure what, if any, other books I may get to with added commitments this week.
I'll be happy to complete at least this one!
* * *
Laura at BookSnob blog has created a mini challenge for ReadaThon participants:

The Challenge:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

                                                                                  1.  Choose a picture that represents a person, place or thing in one of the  books you are currently reading.
2.  Name the book you are reading and explain how the picture relates to the story you are reading.
*I have chosen picture #1 representing the very thing 'ROOMS' protagonist, Micah, must learn to accept in the oceanside mansion he has inherited from his great uncle and in the new turns his life is taking... He comes to expect The Unexpected as he learns to Live Wonderstruck at his emerging life beyond the natural realm. The hazy effect depicts the atmospheric impact on the senses .
Photo #2 represents the many doors in this home that unexpectedly appear and disappear,
leading to rooms that relate to Micah's life...

3.  Put a link to your post in the linky at Laura's blog


Liking this creative challenge, Laura, thanks for the FuN!
Thanks also to our High Summer ReadaThon Host, 
Michelle Miller !


1 comment:

Laura BookSnob said...

OMG I have Cascade and Torrent on my bookshelf waiting for me to read them. They keep calling my name. Thanks for taking part in the mini-challenge. Great pictures.

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