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Sunday, 23 February 2014

BLADES OF VALOR: [MERLIN'S IMMORTALS #4] Sigmund Brouwer 23.2.14

Thomas is finally in the Holy Land and reunited with Sir William, but is forced to travel on his own from the coast through Nazareth, and finally to Jerusalem. The road is a dangerous one—especially to a lone traveler. Bandits masquerade as slaves, traitors appear to be allies, and once again, Thomas doesn’t know whom to trust. He must rely on his own resources to discern friend from foe, and to finally discover the final key to the Druids' master plan before returning home to expose them. 

Back in England, a final storm is brewing against Thomas,
for the Druids are much more powerful than the 
                 Orphan King can even imagine. . .                               - goodreads

Author: Sigmund Brouwer
Length: 233 pages ebook
Published: January 21.2014
Publisher: Waterbrook Press

My Thoughts?

My review of book 3 in Sigmund Brouwer's "Merlin's Immortals" series
included my thoughts of"I love the story. I love the characters. I want to know how it ends."

I now know.  And I'm well pleased!

Action and intrigue grabbed my interest from the opening page 
and kept me reading from the Holy Land to England.

Thomas is understandably confused when he sees the ones he has come to trust
in the company of his would be assassins , setting him on the edge of disaster.
The pace is intense - emotionally and intellectually - as we follow
confusion and complications.
Alliances and broken trust, exotic locations and deprivations,
all well formed and descriptive.
A good sense of being present in the settings and action.
Dialogue was good. As was the element of surprise!
Brouwer leads the reader on a few merry chases
where we believe a situation to be as described,
only to discover all is not as it appears...
Experiencing all the tension and dismay of  our heroes.

A few details seemed unusual leaving me wondering such as where
Thomas's pup, Beast, disappeared between book 3 and 4.

Conclusion wrapped up the series with finesse
and I was left with a sense of satisfaction in having discovered 
the mysteries as well as the outcome.
Time well spent!


Sigmund Brouwer is a Canadian author of eighteen novels with nearly three million copies in print. His recent novel The Last Disciple was featured in Time magazine and on ABC's Good Morning America. 
Married to American songwriter recording artist Cindy Morgan. The couple and their two young daughters divide their time between Red Deer, Alberta, Canada and Nashville, Tennessee. He loves going to schools to get kids excited about reading, reaching roughly 80,000 students a year through his RockandRoll Literacy Show.

*Appreciation to Random House and Waterbrook Press for providing an ecopy for reading and review.


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