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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


INDIE JANE has Announced an EMMA
group read of the Jane Austen classic
Indie Jane
{Independent Jane Austen Community}
as follows ~

Although Emma’s 200th birthday is still two years away,
What better way to celebrate the novel than by joining a group read?
If you haven’t participated in one of INDIE JANE's group reads before, they’re fairly straightforward. On the dates listed, come to the chatroom prepared to discuss the chapters for the week
*MORE FUNThe group read always ends with a group watch of a film adaptation of the book.
As per usual, we’ll meet in the chat room at 6:00 pm on Sunday evenings, starting March 2. Chats usually last about an hour, depending on how much we find to discuss about the hero, fruit baskets, and cookies.
3/2: 1-8
3/9: 9-15
3/16: 16-23
3/23: 24-31
3/30: 32-39
4/6: 40-47
4/13: 48-55
4/20: *No Book Group–Easter Sunday
4/27: Group watch
I tried to break it down into even sized pieces, while keeping important plot breaks in mind.
 has a great breakdown, if you want to know more about the characters before we get started.
If you don’t own Emma there's a Great selection HERE at Book Depository
{plus shipping Free to your door.}
Available as a free ebook to read online at WOWIO ,
 Kindle , Kobo  and Barnes and Noble for downloads.
[Audiobook and ebook versions available free at your local library online]
You can also find several choices of the audiobook as free downloads 
from Ambling Books and Librivox
[ a dramatised version available with various readers for each character ]

[try the various audio samples provided to find a reader you can appreciate]
Voice and speed of reading definitely affect listening -

[enjoyment and comprehension]
If you have the Kindle ebook version and wish the audiobook to Whispersync,
you can get it from Audible.
During the group read, Indie Jane authors who’ve written Emma adaptations
will be featured.
There will also be some Emma related Friday Fun posts all at Indie Jane

Sound like FuN?  

I've picked up an audiobook from my library's online program.
My preference is a narrator with a proper English accent
that adds authenticity to any English authored novel.
I've happily begun the first 8 chapters of this selection -
[more audiobook choices at]

Make your EMMA selection,
start reading and join the chat in 1 1/2 weeks 
3 days [March 2nd evening]
See you there !



Terra said...

I am on a Jane Austen reading roll, I read Emma and Pride and Prejudice last year, Persuasion this year, and am reading the biography of Jane Austen by Carol Shields.
I am interested, but don't know what a chat is, maybe I will check it out.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

What a fabulous reading lineup ! good for you , Terra - thankyou for sharing your amazing JA reading accomplishments =)

A chat is discussion following the group reading of the weekly portions listed. We get together on the 'chat' forum at Indie Jane and talk about what we've discovered/likes/dislikes &/or respond to questions about characters and plot the hosts post... Lots of fun! and a great way to get to know other JA readers =)
Just like we're doing now..

[email for more deets] if you need them

iris said...

en ce moment comme je suis un peu fatguée
j'écoute en audio Jane Austen
je suis sur EMMA et je viens de terminer Sentiment et Préjugés
la conteuse avez un petit accent
très agréable
un vrai régal
d'écouter , on a une autre perception de l'intrigue
bon weekend

Katherines Corner said...

Thank you for joining the fun and sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop ♥

Michelle Pitts said...

I think we all can identify with the wonderful characters of Jane Austin novels. HPS Michelle

Susan Clayton said...

Sounds great. Will look into it further. Thank you for sharing!

Marti McClure said...

Sounds like fun! Happy Pink Saturday! Marti

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