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Friday, 4 April 2014


WELCOME to the 3rd year of FHC's celebrating the
Ultimate Blog Party now for 2014!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014
Faith Hope + Cherrytea offers readers the opp to 
savour the multiple flavours of
Book Talk 

{Introducing readers to new authors, books and audiobooks}
Here's one post for It's Monday! What are you Reading?
or another for More Choices..
{all books I review are listed in the tab at top of page}
such as Rooms or how about a Book Teaser Tuesday
mystery selection from Julianna Deering?
Flavourful Faith and Photos

{currently linking #Lent photo journeys
Here are Abilities and Time  for a starter,
or Psalm 144 in collage
Music soundtrack linkup for #SongsonSundays

Celtic singer Moya Brennan  or
Be Thou My Vision on site in Ireland
Maybe RandB is your style?
PawnShop Kings Love Like Jesus 
You're welcome to add your selections each week...

all flavours creatively served with Encouragement
and a warm cup of hospitali-tea !

TeaTimes in Ireland Here and Here
or how about Scotland ?
{ stop in for a wee shortbread treat! }

I hope you
EnJoy your visit here today ~
Feel free to browse or search topics
Join us at the table whether GFC [bottom of page]
Find and friend FHC online:
@_eHope Goodreads - Facebook - Pinterest


THANK YOU for Taking Tea with me @ FHC Today !

" we have three things, faith, hope, and charity.
And among these, charity is the chiefest, because it ceases not
in the life to come as the rest do, but is perfected and accomplished."

1 Corinthians 13:13

More PARTYing HERE with our FuN Hosts,
Susan and Janice:

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Shared with weekend parties:

* Natasha in Oz Say G'Day Party *

* Bev's Pink Saturday *

photo credit - andrea singarella books



The Chef said...

Hi there ... love the quote in your header. :) Nice to meet you through the UBP. Have a fun week.

Dawn Paoletta said...

Yay! nice to see yoyo at the party! Really lovely snippets in your party post ~see you for Tea? I like Peppermint!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

@The Chef - lovely to meet you as well - thank you for partying #UBP14
this week!

@Dawn - Peppermint it is!
Glad you like the party post - thanks for mentioning =) Glad you're part of it !

BARBIE said...

Enjoyed your party post. I'll take a cuppa with a little honey, hold the cream.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Always love your "hospitalitea"

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

@Barbie - Thank you ;) Absolutely!

@Francie - Thank you, Francie! luv your warm hugs ;) (())

Alexa T said...

I love the quote from "Pride and prejudice", Austen is one of favourite authors!! thanks for sharing! All the best!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

@Alexa T - Pleased you like the P&P quote =) ty for visiting FHC!

Janet Reeves said...

Stopping by from #UBP14. I love your introduction. I'm off to visit posts from each category!

Natasha In Oz said...

Thank you so much for joining in with the Say G'Day Saturday linky party! I've just shared this on Google+ and Twitter. This was a fun post!

Hope to see you again this Saturday!

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

Dawn Castrova said...

UBP14 participant played with all your social media icons and liked, followed, joined and posted all that was available to me. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful Faith, Hope and Cherry Tea, and really love the Bea u tea full Day
. I make cards and always love beautiful inspired quotes.

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