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Friday, 9 May 2014


photo: Tony Alter
Rev Karla brings the Friday Fives today
at Rev Gals Blog

Short and sweet - Join us...

Without further ado, here is our

Friday Five!
1.  What is your favourite bird, and why?
I love birds in all their glorious colours and songs.  One fav is the wee canary since childhood -
probably its diminutive size,
cheerful song,
and bright colour - 
especially remembering a rosy pink one at the store 
where we bought our sunny yellow one.  And such a gift to have one, bless my dear mom who agreed despite
an incredible fear of its flutteringif it escaped the cage!

Missing her ~

First Mother's Day without her...

Sharing one amazing peacock

God's creativity

{since you asked about birds!}

2.  What are you most forgetful about? 
self care
3.  Which do you like better, sunrises or sunsets?
I will have to admit to seeing more sunsets ~
one fond mothering memory of regularly calling my kiddos 
to the windows for another amazing sky painting!

Sunrises are a more rare opportunity and hold their own beauty.
Sunsets are more dramatic here on the prairies
so I'll go with sunsets ...
4.  What ever happened to Grape Soda?
ahhh another fond memory ...
5.  Use these words in a sentence:
U-turn sign, bat, mouse, cerulean blue, late. 
Have fun!!
Enjoying a late morning stroll beneath a cerulean blue sky,
I had just passed the No U-turn sign
when a mouse crossed the sidewalk,
my bat waving neighbour in hot pursuit.


Ready?  Have fun!!
and share in comments or share your link 

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Anne (cornucopia) said...

Your sun photo is stunning!!!

Karla Miller said...

Enjoyed your play! I love the sun photo too...

Anonymous said...

Wow, the colors of that sunset are inspiring to a painter (moi)!

Beverly said...

Now, that was fun. You had me laughing at your bat waving neighbor. And, your sunset photo took my breath away.

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mother's Day. I will be thinking of you.♥ Thank you for making Pink Saturday special.

TexWisGirl said...

beautiful sky photo and reflection! wow!

Lorrie said...

This was fun. That's a stunning sunset photo over the prairies!
I hope your Mother's Day is filled with joy and sweet memories.

Fun60 said...

Wow that photo is absolutely stunning.

bj said...

Stunning photos full of beautiful colors....

Viera said...

Fantastic sunrise... great shot...

Jim said...

Beautiful reflection.
Sydney – City and Suburbs

James said...

Wow, wow and wow! :-)

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