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Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Welcome to Wednesdays as hosted at MizB's 
Today I'm focusing on the final of the 3 reading questions ~
What do I think I'll read next...?
I discovered the Paris in July challenge and I'm jumping in!
So I'm searching my TBR galleys for Paris/French related topics that will develop my participation accordingly.
This challenge covers any French related genre, and welcomes 
fiction to photos to food!
Here's this week's outline ~
"Celebrating 5 years of co-hosting this event - unbelievable!
It's been a very exciting blogging event to share with you over the years, and I believe this year is going to be just amazing!
Join us... this week at Paris in July, you will find ~

                     Tuesday 1st July - all the co hosts will be posting a launchKarenAdria and VickiBellezza and Nicole
                     Wednesday 2nd July - Karen is reviewing Adria's novel "Paris, Rue Des Martyrs"
                     Thursday 3rd July - I will post my first Taste of Paris post - an interview with a French Chef!
                     Friday 4th July - Karen will review a current release
"A Good Place to Hide" by Peter Grose
                     Saturday 5th July - Bellezza will be posting a review of "Paris was Ours: thirty two writers reflect on the City of Light"
                    Sunday 6th July - Karen at a wondering life blog will be doing a weekly wrapup of highlights from all of the participant blogs -
and maybe even a random prize or two!!
                   I'll be back on Monday with a new Menu!" ~ Tamara

For me, living in an English/French bilingual country there is a lot available by way of  
books, locale, promenades, patisseries, bistros, museums, history - 
and that's just in the French quarter of my own city!
Here's my local contribution for Tuesday Travels ~
Saint Boniface, the first permanent mission west of the Great Lakes, became the heart of Roman Catholic missionary activity extending to the Pacific and Arctic coasts, as well as serving the growing population of the Red River Settlement.
Five cathedrals have stood on this beautiful location overlooking the river. In 1832, Bishop Provencher erected a cathedral surmounted by twin spires, and in 1862 a stone cathedral was built under the direction of Bishop Taché. On August 15, 1906, Archbishop Langevin blessed the cornerstone of what became one of the most imposing churches in Western Canada. It was designed by the Montreal architectural firm of Marchand and Haskell. This structure, the best example of French Romanesque architecture in Manitoba, was ravaged by fire on July 22, 1968.
The present cathedral was designed by Franco-Manitoba architect Étienne Gaboury. It incorporates the sacristy, façade and walls of the former basilica. 
If you're a fan of Paris and all things en francais,
perhaps this Paris in July Challenge will answer Wednesday's 
W of What are you reading next?
like it has for me... I am exploring directions I'd like to pursue for posting.
If you're interested, head over to see Tamara in NSW at Thyme for Tea
and you'll find all the details to help you decide.
A wonderful post by American author, Adria, on the  
Magic of Paris in July is definitely inspiring!
Sign up at Karen's blog if you're joining us!
Answering the W question of what I'm reading currently
                      is a sure fit for this Paris in July challenge.
Julianna Deering's July 1st release
 involves a puzzling Parisian link in the search for a family member.
I'll be sure to include the review linked to
Paris in July's challenge!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


In the meantime, have a Great
WWW Wednesday





Tamara said...

Bienvenue! Welcome to our Paris in July. I love this post, and the way you're infusing Paris in July into your blog. I think we'll enjoy this trip together :) You're so lucky to have a'French Quarter'. Down here in Oz, it's hard to find some french culture. I've just returned from the cinema and the movie Yves Saint-Laurent. a little piece of French Fashion culture.

Paulita said...

What fun to have a French section of your city. I wish I did. I have to satisfy myself with some non-quite French pastries. Hope you have fun joining in with Paris in July.

Adria J. Cimino said...

I love the cathedral photo... and I'm sure you do have access to great French food etc. I've been to Montreal and loved it!

Michelle F said...

Have fun with `Paris in July`

My WWW is here:

Kym T said...

"Paris in July" looks like a great project! I would like to visit Paris, but closer to home - I'd LOVE to visit Montreal! It's been on my bucket list for ever so long. :-)

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

Great to have each of you sharing at FHC today and a common appreciation for our interest in the connxns Francais ~ Merci!

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