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Friday, 24 April 2015


Updating for today's


~ Saturday April 25th 

Picked up a stack of mysteries at the library yesterday for options to cover
my unpredictable reading interests.  Here are some possibilities...

 Death Comes to the Village - Catherine Lloyd
 Death at Buckingham Palace - local author C.C. Benison
 Evanly Bodies - Rhys Bown
The Prime Minister's Secret Agent - Susan Elia MacNeal
A Dangerous Place - Jacqueline Winspear

annnnd.... ?
I'll be updating throughout my reading .
Find more at the Dewey site, Goodreads Group, and @readathon tweets
#readathon hashtags

First read for today :
A Regency mystery set in Kurland St Mary, 
historical England...
Grabbing my cuppa and we're off....

Done!  finally after a lot of distractions ...

I definitely like the start to this series and will be looking
for the following 2 .
Death Comes to London #2
Death Comes to Kurland Hall #3
due out this November 2015

I did a couple mini challenges -

Allie's Classic Words of Wisdom Mini Challenge
My entry HERE - fav book quotes and meaning to me.

Tweeted my #minichallenge 4S - 4 books 4 seasons at Barts Bookshelf
Added my Picture It Mini Challenge by Memory's blog,
a visual representation of my current regency mystery read,
Death Comes to the Village, 
Kurland Manor House of Kurland St Mary, England

creative commons
"a set of stone steps led down to a garden his mother had planted and a rather scrubby maze."
~ from Death Comes to the Village
This next challenge asks for 3 book covers - 1 each with snow, tree, weapon...

My responses? 

Now for the Book Spine Poetry Challenge...
Hosted by Ticket to Anywhere blog, we're to use at least 3 book titles to create poetry-

Here's Mine ~

After the war is over,
a memory of violets ~ 
the violets of March,
whisper on the wind.

A Girl That Likes Books is challenging us to share a book inspired recipe
with the reason or inspiration ...

Here's my recipe for London Fog 
inspired by all the foggy London England reads that jump off shelves at me!

Add a  couple  tablespoons milk to teacup or mug
Pour  boiling water over
Earl Grey flavoured black tea [loose leaves for flavour]
in tea ball or strainer in cup or teapot
While steeping, add a few drops vanilla to cup or pot, to your taste
and about a 1/2 teaspoon honey or sweetener to your cup 
along with additional milk if needed to adjust to taste and fogginess.

Mini Challenge :  Bookish Brews 

photo of bev [pear tea!] + book I'm currently reading 

Cornelia Bean Pear Tea I picked up for a Dewey's Readathon treat 
along with a Regency mystery selection .
One hapPy readathoner :)


Now on to 2nd selection ~

The Forgotten Seamstress by Liz Trenow
audiobook version to relieve day long reading eye strain

and Done .
2nd for Dewey's and 6th for Seasons of Reading Spring Readathon
A combo of reading and creating for Dewey's Readathon,
excellent for staying alert and brain exercise !
Next one is in October - hoping to see you there 
{even for an hour of reading enjoyment!}

Reading in conjunction with the April 20-26th Spring Readathon at
Michelle's Seasons of Reading - my focus is mysteries.

Final mystery read for this one? 
Death at Buckingham Palace by Canadian author, C.C. Benison.

When a young footman dies in unusual circumstances, twenty year old Canadian maid, Jane Bee, is skeptical of rumors the death was a suicide. She probes the darkest corners of the royal mansion for clues that will reveal the surprising identity of a murderer stalking the halls of the world's most famous palace.

{ 1st in Her Majesty Investigates series }

Local author, CC Benison, writes with humour that keeps me happily engrossed in the cosy content.  Glad to introduce his
writing to those unfamiliar as yet - 
you're sure to enjoy the series.

Now gearing up for May's ARC Challenge.  A few on the kindle waiting their turn!

Shared With Bookish Memes ~

Musing Mondays at A Daily Rhythm * Literacy Musing Mondays * Book Nook *




Michele said...

have fun with all this wonderful reading! happy pink saturday! xo

Unknown said...

I like the book cover poetry challenge. Such a creative way to write a poem. Thanks for sharing on Small Victories Sunday linkup.

Falcon Sensei said...

Never heard of Death Comes to the Village, but cozy mysteries are always delightful. And paired with a good tea, it's perfect :)

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Looks like a nice selection of books! I loved The Violets of March, as you know.



Julie's Lifestyle said...

Yes, you have a wonderful selection of books to read and hope you enjoy!

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

You did some good reading for both read-a-thons. Great job! Hope you enjoyed the events. :)

Don't forget to add your wrap-up link here:

I extended the deadline through Wednesday.

Mary Hill said...

Hi, thanks for linking up with Literacy Musing Mondays again. Your post was the most clicked for this week. ;)

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