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Friday, 15 May 2015


MAY 15 - 18

My visit with Queen Victoria on Castle Hill Windsor UK
Victoria Day is celebrated in honour of the birthdays of 
both Queen Victoria and the current monarch of Canada, Queen Elizabeth.
Usually the first anticipated outdoor weekend event with BBQ and fireworks,
we had just such a day on Saturday, but with the proviso of advancing freezing rain,
winds gusting to 90 kms and turning to snow by Sunday night.
I am soooo glad we did enJoY Saturday taking a country drive out to a lovely
 Tea House because, yes, the blustering snow outside is as promised!

Not a day of outdoor pleasures !

So I'm happily ensconced in my big reading chair with either the kettle on
or the teapot steeping my next fav flavour.  A great weekend in with good books!
As to my Victoria Day long weekend reading?
I'm choosing UK connections.
Finished "A Summer to Remember" both Brit author [Victoria Connelly]
and setting [ English countryside of Norfolk] 343 pages total
Then off to pick up 3 reserves at the library.
Happy to jump into Laurie Alice Eakes new release after being on a lengthy wait list.
Definitely a fav author and great timing for an English personal treat on a long weekend!

"A Stranger's Secret"

Read this one [historical England setting] straight through.
317 pages completed May 16 wee hours of the morning and worth it :)
Next up after my country drive for teatime ?

Choosing another British read in honour of Victoria Day -
Susan Elia MacNeal's Maggie Hope series #4 
May 16 = 175 pgs + 
Sunday May 17 completed final 131 pages = 306 total

Back to choices for what will be my next novel...
As warned,
It's a freezing cold Sunday of biting rain and high winds that are to yet
have turned to snow this night.  
Seems I've made a good indoor weekend choice for respite with books, tea and 
some unexpected but enjoyable hot chocolate !
4th choice?
The highly acclaimed recent Jazz Age novel by Carla Stewart
Couture in the Jazz Age: 1922 New York and London England
 belittled for her stutter, Nell's boss isn't promoting any career advances - but maybe there are alternate avenues to pursue...
Sunday 17th read 50 pgs til my eyes closed 
Monday May 18th waking to quiet.  Winds have died down
and I'm happily back to reading The Hatmaker's Heart.

What's currently on for reading ?
I've done some searching kindle files for Short Story reads for May 
[being Short Story Month]
so I'm sure to fit in a couple more of those wee treats !
Bout of Books Readathon  for updates as it continues through to end of Sunday the 17th
and Crush Your TBR , a new one to me, from the 15th through 17th.
It runs for 3 days each month.  Check twitter for each month's event.
Also, continuing with the #CleanSweepARC Challenge for the entire month of MAY.
I'll be updating the respective posts for the above, 
as well as right here for whatever gets read this Victoria long weekend.
Interested in More ?
 Victoria Day posting HERE  and  HERE

Any long weekend or weekend plans ..?
I'm always happy to hear yours!



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Annie Kate said...

Very little reading this weekend for me, but lots of thinking, sleeping, and even fireworks.

Enjoy the last day and your books. They look good!

JC Jones said...

Glad you had a good Saturday. We are having rain not snow and it is warmer here in the Southern US.

Anonymous said...

WOW! You read some interesting looking books. I will check into them. I like historical fiction for the adventure as well as the learning value.
Visiting from Literary Musing Mondays.
~ linda @ The Reader & the Book

Captivated Reader said...

The Prime Minister's Secret Wife looks interesting.

Here's a link to my Friday Finds link for the week:

Mary Hill said...

Sounds like a great weekend of reading. I don't miss the cold here in the Southern America. We are having 80 degree days, but had storms yesterday. Thanks for linking up with Literacy Musing Mondays! I so appreciate your continued support.

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